Mirco Lazzari Portrays MotoGP: episode 12, Silverstone

Welcome to the twelfth  appointment with the column ‘Mirco Lazzari portrays  MotoGP’.  For all 18  races of  2013 season, we will follow the MotoGP championship through the lens of Mirco Lazzari, master of sports photography and MotoGP official photographer.
Along with him and his tutorials, we will discover the secrets of the sports image and the ‘behind the scenes’ of the most exciting two wheels Championship of the world.

MotoGP 2012 British GP SilverstoneImage: Ambiance
Location: Silverstone Circuit, British GP
Date: June, 16th 2012
Time: 14.12:22

Photographer’s insight: At the beginning of the qualifying session riders always enter the track for some laps. The stands are crowded despite a very cloudy sky. At Silverstone there is also this particular structure reminiscent of homes or buildings, matching them with our sport. Guests are on balconies to overlook the Q sessions from this privileged position and so, with the riders on the track, you can take this alternative and non-replicable picture. This shows also how to live the racetracks in England.

Technical Data:
Camera: Nikon D4
Lens: 85mm
1/1200 of a second
Diaphragm 4

Weather Conditions: very cloudy

Mirco Lazzari was born in  Imola, the land of  engines. The bond between photography and passion for motorsports have brought him and his lens from the Super Touring to Endurance races, from Rally,  Formula 1 up to MotoGP, of which  he has been photographer since 2002.  As a  Nikon (NPS) professional photographer Lazzari has been cooperated with Getty, Marca and the biggest names of the Italian photography. If you have seen a picture of MotoGP championship in these years, there are plenty of possibility it belongs to Mirco.

He has published many books about MotoGP and its protagonist. You can buy his last one  ”Una vita a 300, Volume 7″ on Amazon, following this link

Mirco Lazzari Una Vita a 300 - Photos MotoGP

Mirco Lazzari Una Vita a 300 – Photos MotoGP

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