Mirco Lazzari’s Road to MotoGP 2014: Episode 11, Behind-the-scenes

While at Sepang MotoGP Teams are conducting the first test of the 2014 season, here you are the 11th episode of the column “Mirco Lazzari‘s Road to MotoGP 2014“, the photographic voyage on the pages of RTR Sports that-through images of the great photographer wants to take us up to the Imola-opening round of the 2014 MotoGP World Championship in Qatar March 23rd.

Picture of today is dedicated to the behind-the-scenes of the most beautiful two-wheeled championship. In the back of a garage, a mechanic is washing thoroughly the parts of a motorcycle during a break. It is one of many activities, all performed to perfection, that takes place away from the cameras and from the Paddock Jet Set. And it’s here, between boxes and trucks that the true heart of the championship beats.


Who is Mirco Lazzari

Mirco Lazzari was born in Castel San Pietro (BO) in 1961. His MotoGP and Formula1 pictures were first published by Grazia Neri and then by Getty. Mirco, one of the Nikon official photographers who won several international awards, has been working with RTR Sports Marketing for what MotoGP pictures are concerned. For years, his best photos have been collecting in an amazing photographic book ‘Una vita a 300 – A life in the fast lane’: you can buy the last edition on Amazon, through this link.

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