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MotoGP: Americas Recap As Marquez Shows His Talent in Honda 1-2 at Austin

So, the round we have eagerly awaited, the round of Austin Texas, the 1st of 3 rounds to take part in the USA and this is a brand new track for the GP calendar, and I may say one of my favourites already. It’s fast, it’s dirty and has lots of winding turns to enjoy. Not to mention a very tiring track with an incline on the end of the straight so fatigue and heat are the main demons the riders were going to face on this track.

Only one person seemed too dominated this weekend and that was Marc Marquez, from the practice sessions on Friday to the qualifying on Saturday, Marc was pole every time bar one session and managed put himself front row of the grid. Alongside him was his team mate Dani Pedrosa and Yamaha Factory’s Jorge Lorenzo, 3 Spaniards, all with a lot to prove! Oh this was going to be a good race indeed!

So, the revs are up, heads are down and they are off, Pedrosa shoots up the straight, up the hill and tucks right into the first corner setting his pole position on the track, right behind him, its Bradl! I know! Fantastic, the German LCR Honda rider was keeping pace and well and truly throwing himself into the mix.  However he is playing with big boys and was only a matter of seconds before Marquez made his move and passed him just as they were hitting the 2nd lap. Like sharks to the attack, it was now Lorenzo’s turn to overtake but Bradl didn’t take this laying down and tried fight Lorenzo for the 3rd position but was unsuccessful.

19 laps to go and Pedrosa is leading, followed by Marquez and Lorenzo.  Cal was now well and truly hunting Stephan Bradl Well Bradl was now well and truly in to Yamaha Tech 3 Cal Crutchlow’s sights but hold on, what’s that I see? No! Rossi runs wide and Bautista is not letting this opportunity go, Rossi goes on the outside line opening the inside up for Bautista, Rossi tries to get it back but Bautista is literally elbowing him out of the way! Way to go Bautista, this is racing!! And balls I may add!

By now Lorenzo is pulling the fastest lap, Crutchlow is literally on Bradl’s exhaust pipe, he’s literally all over him, the excitement is killing me, will he take him, won’t he? But Bradl is a good goal keeper and manages to shut the on door several times before any manoeuvres are made by Cal.

The Hondas now rip down the back straight, and the sound of that quick shift is amazing, so is their speedMarquez is now even closer to Pedrosa, that back straight gave him a chance to start closing the gap and he didn’t let that opportunity go.  The hunt was on!! Marquez was hungry and you could see it…

13 laps to go and I shriek with excitement Cal is up close and personal with Bradl and I knew exactly what he was going to do, he used the downhill turn as his advantage to gain speed and it worked! Cal pulled a nice inside move and switched to 4th!! But now he needs to concentrate on keeping Bradl off and if he can, hunt down Lorenzo.  Lorenzo is now a 10th slower than he was on lap 18 and Rossi was faster than Bradl.  But a few laps go by and no one takes a move, they look set to finish in their race positions but hold on, lap 9 and Marquez has his hooks in to Dani… the pressure was on, two Hondas were now tyre to tyre, Dani is fiercely trying to keep Marquez off, I mean, Dani has done 120 go races, there is no way a rookie can beat him, right? Ha! Wrong!! The 20 yr. old did it, he pushed past Dani, put his head down, bum up and showed him what he is capable off.

Dani is well and truly struggling to keep up with the rookie at this point! Fans of GP, we are seeing a new breed of rider! This boy is so young, so experienced and already a double world champion, Lorenzo will not be liking that at all, let alone Dani!  The final lap is in sight and Marquez pulls that gap either further! Oh yes, he did it!! The 20 yr old rookie not only has become the youngest GP winner, but is the most impressive rookie I’ve seen in a while! Dani is in serious trouble and so is Lorenzo, a new sheriff is in town boys!

So behind the excitement, 9 time world champion Rossi finished in 6th, ahead of Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso and Honda Gresini’s Alvaro Bautista.  CRT s Power Electronics Aspar’s Aleix Espargaro came in 11th place ahead of English rookie Bradley Smith (Tech 3) and Frenchman Randy de Puniet (Aspar).

What an exciting race, we just saw Marquez dominate his elders and more experienced competitors, we had Cal show that he is going nowhere without a fight and that podium will be his, and we also see that JL has a bit more to work on if he is to catch up with the Hondas.

So the next round is Jerez on the 5th May, one of my favourite races and a track Rossi likes, so watch this space. Until then guys, Ciao for now.

By Tracey Ann Daniels - MotoGP contributor for RTR Sports Marketing
In the pictures: Cal Crutchlow and Marc Marquez
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    Based just on the first read “Recap of the COTA” your telling me what I already know, But for the fan stopping by to for a fast read of the events of the race I’d say its good. there is a lot more information you could have added. but as you said in your twit to me this is your opinion and so it is.

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