MotoGP: Aprilia not afraid of the big boys. Noale house to enter premier class with 4 bikes.



The MotoGP 2014 is taunted to be more exciting and a must watch with Italian manufucturer Aprilia entering four bikes in the competition. Aprilia which is a small brand compared to world renowned brands such as Yamaha and Honda is looking to put up a brilliant performance at the events. This follows a decision by the Grand Prix Commission to adjust the rules to allow four riders per factory team and 20 liters of fuel per race.

Aprilia had previously requested the MSMA, which is the organization representing manufacturers, to be exempted from the fuel limit. This request was however rejected, a move believed to be influenced by top manufacturers such as Yamaha and Honda. Japanese manufacturer Suzuki had requested for exceptions on extra engines, which is not the usual rule, and were granted yet Aprilia’s request on fuel based on similar grounds as Suzuki was denied.

The fear is that with Aprilia having extra fuel and their unique proprietary software they could be a very enticing and attractive option. This is coupled by the fact that Aprilia is selling its bikes at around half a million euros a price that is much lower than that set by Yamaha and Honda. The bike Aprilia is offering at the half a million euro mark is a competitor capable of beating the satellite bikes.

MotoGP factories fear that Aprilia is set to take over the market. This explains why they said that if Aprilia are to use their own software as compared to the Dorna supplied software they should comply with fuel regulations.

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The Moto GP is set for a ground showdown as Aprilia try to prove that they are better than the big companies, if they put a good show they could possibly rise to be the industry’s top manufacturer.

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