MotoGP: Assen TT Recap. Of heroes, comebacks and memorable weekends

By Tracey Ann Daniels



It’s already the 6th round of the MotoGP calendar and that took us to on of my favourite races, The Dutch Assen TT; and can I say what pleasure you have been.  Though the circuit managed to break a few riders along the way, it gave us one of the most memorable weekends so far this season.  The crowds glowed and horns blowed, the fans couldn’t have been any better!  The noise coming from the stands was unbelievable, it’s been far too long since I’ve heard the sheer excitement and screams of spectators as the bikes fly past, but this weekend noise was made and lots of it! Why?  Because The Doctor is back of course! Yet again b brought smiles of joy all round, from paddock to the stands, from the stands to the TV, everybody enjoys a Valentino victory, well, just about everyone!   The b weren’t the only ones out in full force showing their support this weekend, but there were a huge number of British fans and of course they were flying our Cal Crutchlow‘s flag with a bright number 35, showing him a great support from his home land.  The Gladiator supporters were put through some tough times this weekend as Jorge Lorenzo suffered a severe crash which meant breaking his collar bone and requiring surgery.  However, the green light was given from the doctor late Saturday so tenacious Lorenzo didn’t let his injuries stop him competing and got himself ready for the battle.  This seemed to stir up a lot of opinion over the social media sites, some in support and some not so, but he is running for the title so it’s understandable he just wanted to grit his teeth and bear it.  Lorenzo wasn’t the only broken Spaniard on the grid, young rookie Marc Marquez also suffered a crash and broke his finger and big toe, but like Lorenzo, he was ready to grin and bear it. So what went on? Here’s a recap of the action everyone and anyone have been talking about.

 So, Tensions were up, so were the revs, and they were off!  Pedrosa pulled straight into the lead on the first corner; Cal got pushed back but still kept within the front runners, but Rossi!  Rossi was in 4th and he was looking great at this point, he’d got good pace and was easily able to take 3rd position off Stephan Bradl, as Bradl goes back as Cal worked forward, like Rossi on Marquez, could this really be possible? Was Rossi hunting down a Honda! He sure was and he’s looking good, those hooks are in! And I’m thinking in a very excited manner that I can’t wait to watch him pounce!

Lorenzo was doing wonderfully, he was  keeping on in there and  in 5th position,  but he’s not just sitting there he’s full on trying to hunt down Cal Crutchlow so the Brit needed to get his move on by this point.  And speaking of getting a move on, that’s exactly what our Vale was doing! Like my eyes were deceiving me, with 23 laps to go Rossi was right on the Spaniard Marquez tail, the crowds were roaring as he was coming in for the kill then right on T1 he managed to pounce, the grandstand goes mental and so am I!

Valentino was well and truly on it, he was in 3rd and going for 2nd.  He was looking strong on the breaks and pushed for 2nd. Lorenzo’s had now over taken Cal which meant Marquez was in his sights but that didn’t mean Cal was going anywhere, he may be behind but he’s still hunting you Lorenzo!   But hold on, Rossi is the man today, not even a lap since his last overtake and he goes and does it again!  That’s right people, Valentino Rossi takes the lead!  The crowds go absolutely wild at this point and my friends are thinking I’m crazy as I excitedly scream and clap at the TV! It’s so good to see The Doctor back in action; he’s extremely competitive today and seems truly back in the game.

Crutchlow’s was now back to working on Lorenzo after sitting behind for a few laps, he was ready to move but Lorenzo’s was just that little too much to overtake so had to sit for a few laps, then with 11 laps to go he makes his move and takes 4th position, now all he had to do was take that Honda out and steal 3rd position and get that podium!

Marquez always seems to get quicker throughout the race and he did that yet again this week, he knew Cal was there and that he’d gained enough on his fellow team mate Dani Pedrosa to take his 2nd position,  so with 8 laps to go and that exactly what he did but now that means Vale needed to keep really consistent to be able to keep that tenacious rookie off!   As Pedrosa goes back it becomes apparent  that he had some sort of problems and struggling to keep pace, but however bad news that was for Dani, it was brilliant news for Cal.  That podium was now a sure thing if he just managed to stay on, he just needed to make that move and with 5 laps to go that’s what he did, the crowds starting giving a huge cheer of celebration as Cal neatly takes the inside of Pedrosa and secures his podium position!

Yet again my excitement joined those in Assen, what a show the spectators were getting, Cal doesn’t only try secure his 3rd, he’s really making Marquez sweat, he’s literally feeling the heat in his face from Marquez tyre and nailing it as much as he can by now, last lap arrives and I can’t bear to watch as Cal runs extremely wide and looses that chance of 2nd, but luckily enough Lorenzo wasn’t close behind to steal his position.  But let’s hear it fellow yellows!! One huge roar as the bikes approached the line and Valentino whizz’s past! He only went and done it, the track is alive with cheers, yellow flags and happiness! And whether people like to admit it or not, everyone loves a Valentino on podium!  The mood lifts in the paddock and everyone gets a show!  I can’t tell you how pleased Lorenzo seemed to get him self over the line in a very impressive 5th position, he looked in an extreme amount of pain as he returned to his garage, so a massive well done to him, Yamaha he has done you proud!  But following Valentino’s celebration was Cal!  We Britons were extremely proud and excited for him, what a great effort he’s put in and finally the results were finally being achieved!

Rossi celebrates off course and gets a lift up on the shoulders of a fellow yellow and presents himself to a hoard of extremely loud and excitable crowd before returning back to Parc Ferme and the podium.  And what a podium it was, our very own British Cal and our legendary Valentino on the same stand along with our injured but very competitive rookie Marquez! Another great race thanks to our riders and fans. We have another round in two weeks, the Sachenring!  The race date is the 14th July so don’t miss is… Or if you do, just check my page after the race.

Until then, Ciao for now guys 

By Tracey Ann Daniels – MotoGP correspondent for RTR Sports MarketingFollow Tracey on twitter at from the web

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