MotoGP: Can someone tell…


By  Angelo Anolin

Can Someone Tell….

Marc Marquez to continue his impressive form and riding that he has displayed so far in MotoGP. Rookie and leading the championship is by far a feat in itself that radiates the talent that this young kid has. Although he may not listen when we tell him to at least slow it up in practices, he probably needs to strike a balance between riding with passion and aggression to ensure that he has the form and physical health to win the championship.

Jorge Lorenzo that he has certainly earned a lot of respect for his riding and sportsmanship and took it to another level by giving everything he got despite the sheer disadvantage by the Yamaha against the pace-setting Honda. Although having the seamless gearbox to help him out against the factory Honda, it may be a bit too late as the lead that current leader Marc Marquez has accumulated may be too difficult to overcome at this point. But nonetheless, having him fight out every corner against the two Honda is such a show to behold.

Dani Pedrosa that he will never win a race much less a championship if he would only watch as Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez duke it out at the front. He needs to get inside the action, not becoming someone trailing the front runners and hoping that both of them make a mistake that would allow him to zoom past. There will never be a chance for that with the way his two compatriot are riding at the moment. And can we also tell Dani Pedrosa that technically, he has the best chances of upending Marc Marquez for the championship by winning the remaining six races.

Valentino Rossi that he needs to show up and help his teammate fend off the attack from the factory Honda. He needs to squeeze himself for every ounce of riding he can muster so as to have the lead of the championship leader be reduced dramatically by being in front of Marc Marquez and behind Jorge Lorenzo. Of course this would be a daunting task, but Misano holds a lot of special memories for him and being able to bring the Ducati to a podium finish last season can prove to tell that this is a track that he loves and can certainly make a difference on this year’s championship.

Cal Crutchlow to now focus on getting his first win in the premiere class aboard the very capable Yamaha motorcycle. He should be made aware that his move next year to Ducati may see him languishing at the middle to bottom of the pack. Unless the Ducati team makes some significant improvement to the bike, he will be drowned in frustration by not being able to compete and duke it out at the front.

Alvaro Bautista that he needs to show the form which made him a 125cc champion a couple of years back. Although it is unfair to compare a proper MotoGP bike with a diminutive 125cc machine, his passion to race was very evident during those times and he still has the skills and a very capable Honda bike at his disposal to earn his first win of the premiere class.

Stefan Bradl that expectations for him just grows bigger especially that he had secured his ride for the next season. This is one race which can make a lot of things turnaround for the German rider, especially on his confidence. He knows that he has the skill and a very capable bike but that confidence seems to diminish as the season progresses and the race gets more intense.

And finally, can someone tell MotoGP that they need to focus their cameras on the tight battles happening anywhere at the grid. Most of the time, they only tend to focus on the front runners and there were a lot of times that exciting battles were happening at the middle pack while there’s very less action at the front. MotoGP should have a balance to ensure that they deliver to their viewers the most exciting part of the race – and that is the passing moves and maneuvers being done by the fastest riders of two wheeled machines.

By Angelo Anolin
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