barbera interview

MotoGP: Interview With Hector Barbera. For the podium, it’s just a matter of time.

barbera interview

barbera interview

Since 2010, Héctor Barberá has been a regular in the midfield on the Pramac Ducati bike. Consistently scoring points, he has had his high and low points for in his career. As one of the last 250cc graduates, in his final year, 2009, he finished second in the Championship; his first win came on an Aprilia in 125cc but is still yet to take the elusive prize of a maiden MotoGP podium. With the ability to be against the best, it’s only a better bike and a matter of time between Barberá reaching the top three. With his move onto a CRT next year, he may be waiting a bit longer, however, I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions.

1. How would you say your seasons going so far?

Héctor Barberá: Quite well, even if I could always improve my result

2. How has the bike been? Because this bike was the one unfavoured by Rossi and Hayden…

HB: We have had, more or less, the same bike until Misano. After that race, Vale and Nicky made a big step forward

3. How much did your injury set back your season?

HB: I missed four races and I didn’t ride for 3 Months. Too much time!!

4. What have been the high and low points of the season and why?

HB: I made a lot of progress, until my injury that has been the low point of the season. The high one was at the Mugello circuit, when we achieved the pole position.

5. How have the team been towards you this season?

HB: I’m too lucky. I found an amazing group of people, even if, without any technic evolutions we were not able to achieve memorable results.

6. Now next season, you’ve agreed to sign for the Blusens CRT team, what were the reasons behind this?

HB: I believe in that project

7. Being replaced by rookie Iannone, what advice would you give him for next year?

HB: Work hard with the Pramac crew and be patient.


barbera interview

barbera interview

8. Which riders in the lower classes have impressed you most? Or have the potential to be MotoGP world champions?

HB: Marquez, Espargaro and Vinales

9. Since your graduation to MotoGP in 2010, how have you matured as a rider?

HB: As a rider I improved a lot and I would like to have the opportunity to ride another MotoGP bike.

10. Can you give us some details on your team mate next season, will it be equal status and your targets for the season?

HB: I don’t know who will be my team mate yet

11. Throughout your career, what has been your finest moment?

HB: The two wins in Valencia in 2004 and in 2009

12. Do you have any pre race rituals you take part in or any superstitions?

HB: No

13. What are your ambitions for the future?

HB: I would like to ride a competitive bike. I know that I could battle for the top five.

14. Who would your ideal team mate?

HB: I don’t have an ideal team mate

15. As a kid which rider did you look up to?

HB: Amos Bilbao (trial) and Alex Barros

16. Which has been your favourite track to drive?

HB: At the Valencia circuit, my home track

17. Lastly, what advice would you give for aspiring riders?

HB: To Believe in yourself and fight to achieve their can come true!


By Daniel Takyi – MotoGP correspondent for RTR Sports Marketing
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