MotoGP: Lorenzo heads to Laguna Seca to shrink gap with fellow spaniard Marquez



World-famous Spanish professional motorcycle racer, Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero, has confirmed via Twitter the fact that he would travel to Laguna Seca for the upcoming round in MotoGP World Championship. The MotoGP premier motorcycle racing championship consists of a series of eighteen races spread across fourteen countries and four continents. Some of the world’s most skilled motorcycle riders like Jorge participate in this championship race. Lorenzo has also added that after speaking to his doctors and conducting the final medical check, he would fly to Laguna Seca.

This step taken by Lorenzo is indeed a very risky one as he had just undergone two operations in the past two weeks. The first accident took place during the second practice at the Dutch GP in Assen. Due to his high speed fall, Lorenzo broke his collarbone. He then had to undergo a surgery wherein a plate constructed from Titanium was inserted to his collarbone and secured in place with eight screws. Lorenzo then did a commendable job by getting back on the race track after forty eight hours so as to maintain his position in the championship battle. He finished fifth, but it was nevertheless a great achievement considering the fact that he just had an operation.

Following this surgery, he had another high speed crash at the Saschenring GP in less than two weeks’ time, during which he bent the plate. He then withdrew himself from the race and went back to Barcelona, his hometown, to undergo a second surgery to replace the bent plate. This time, a new Titanium plate was inserted along with a bone implant and eleven screws.

A lot of time has been wasted due to his accidents, surgeries and recoveries, and now Marc Marquez has become a strong threat to the reigning world champion as Lorenzo is 11 points behind Marquez. Due to this, Lorenzo decides to head to Laguna Seca in order to shrink the gap with fellow racer Marquez. Lorenzo will participate in the ninth round of this MotoGP championship to compete with Marquez.

Lorenzo had admitted that in the beginning he presumed that he wouldn’t be able to participate in the race any further because he thought that he would need a lot of time to recover. However, during the last two days he has been feeling much better and he is sure that he can go back to the racing tracks once again and do what he does best!

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