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MotoGP: NGM Forward Racing opted to lease Yamaha Engines for 2014



Going by the current rumors, it is believed that Forward Racing, the Italian-based racing team or squad has clinched a deal for leasing Yamaha engines, to be precise the YZR-M1 engines for use next year in the MotoGP World Championship. While there is no signed contract in the picture, but NGM Mobile Forward Racing has definitely had a verbal agreement fixed with Yamaha. The deal with Yamaha will be confirmed in the next two or three weeks. It is a good choice because the Yamaha M1 power plant has performed quite well in this season, particularly on satellite machinery.

It is also believed that NGM Forward Racing would not be changing their chassis manufacturer though. Thus, it will be the FTR chassis, which is presently using an in-line four Kawasaki engine. Colin Edwards, a former factor Yamaha rider, has been in support of using M1 engines since the time the Forward project started and now that this has been made possible, it would only make sense to have him the team. However, Edwards hasn’t yet signed for 2014 therefore things are still partly in suspense.The name of the person who will be riding for Forward Racing in the next year is still in the shadows, but rumor has it that Bradley Smith could be a possible option.

Yamaha is preparing itself to lease out the YZR-M1 engines to as many as four privateers in the year 2014. At the moment it has not been revealed as to which teams Yamaha has chosen to lease its engines to. Hence, the official announcement is awaited. The Yamaha M1 engines will be having specifications that are very similar to the satellite Yamaha Tech 3 team. However, there will be a slight difference, these M1 engines would run the complete control ECU system, which is compulsory for privateers.

The main benefits offered by this engine is that it can store up to four liters of fuel for each race and it permits up to twelve engine chances per season rather than five, which was the earlier figure. Not only is the NGM Forward Racing looking forward to running the brand new Yamaha engines next year, but the fans of motor racing too are looking forward to seeing the change brought about by this upgrade. In addition to leasing the engine, Yamaha would also be providing the team with an expert full-time technician in their box. This kind of technical support is definitely essential because it would help the team perform better.

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