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MotoGP: Phillip Island Review, Stoner Storms to Victory in Home GP as Lorenzo Wins 2nd World Title

lorenzo phillip island

lorenzo phillip island

A great day indeed for Aussie born Casey, not only did he win on his home turf in front of his faithful fans, but he managed to take his 6th consecutive win at the famous Phillip Island track.  Sadly this will be Casey’s last win at Philip Island as earlier this year; Casey announced his retirement at the tender age of 27 from the world MotoGP.

Casey confidently dominated the Philip island race on Sunday, Dani Pedrosa, Casey’s team mate, sadly crashed out on the second lap so there was only Lorenzo to worry about.  Once Casey managed to pass Lorenzo, there was nothing but clear track ahead and not a care in the world.  Casey won the Australian Grand prix race by an amazing 9.223 advantage, this was a fantastic race for Casey and a very important one too,  I’m extremely  pleased that both Honda and Casey are happy with the result and I’m sure celebrated the victory!

Honda weren’t the only team celebrating on Sunday, oh no, our favourite Spanish Rider Jorge Lorenzo officially became the 2012 MOTO GP World Champion!!  Jorge is the first ever Spaniard to win two world titles in the GP class and after another great season showing strong competitiveness and constancy, Jorge has yet again proved what an important asset he is to the Yamaha Racing Team.   I’m already so excited to see him in action next year, battling it out against his new/old team mate Valentino Rossi and I’m sure that I’m, not the only one wishing the winter season away just so we can see what will happen.

So, now that I’ve mentioned the important parts, let’s just quickly recap the race. The race got underway and Lorenzo managed a great start, he passed Casey and Dani in the early turn taking Casey to 3rd and Dani 2ndIt wasn’t long before Dani and Casey made their moves on Jorge and took him back to 3rd, making Casey 2nd and Dani 1st.  Unfortunately for Dani, his view of a podium and maybe a Phillip Island victory was about to be short lived, Dani suffered a low-side on the second lap and resulted in bike damages forcing him out of the race.

stoner phillip island

stoner phillip island

Dani said: “It’s a sad feeling more than disappointment; I pushed as hard as I could; I did what I had to do and I have no regrets for my riding, especially this season,” said Pedrosa. “I feel very proud of my team and of my performance throughout the year. Concerning the crash, it was nothing strange; I just went wider on the corner, I had some chatter and lost the front; maybe the tire was not warm enough as well, but it’s like it is.”

Cal Crutchlow did a fantastic job at Phillip Island; Instead of holding my head in my hands, this time I was cheering him on, yelling at the TV with excitement… The battle was on, Dovi, Cal, Bradl and Bautista were in the mix. . I just kept thinking, If only he can complete the race and NOT run out of fuel, he may manage a podium!  So, much to my delight, by lap 8, Cal has managed to successfully make a pass and make it stick!!  Our boy was now in the 3rd, podium position and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Crutchlow said “I am really happy with this result because it is a great way to finish this period of three races in a row,” said Crutchlow. “After the disappointment of running out of fuel while battling for the podium on the last lap in Japan and then crashing in Sepang, I really needed a positive result here and that’s what we’ve got. Considering how ill I’ve felt with the fever and bronchitis, to be back on the podium is a fantastic feeling and we definitely deserved it.”

Dovizioso continued to battle it out and tried to maintain position, he finished the race in 4th but with a huge gap behind his team mate of nearly 9 seconds!!  Bautista finished in 5th, followed by Bradl in 6th, our Italian stallion came in at 7th just before his team mate Nicky. The top CRT of Phillip Island was Aleix Espargaro.

So we have one more round left guys, I know!! It’s a sad time; winter is about to start, the dark nights drawing in and there will be no racing on TV.  What on earth will we do?  But before we get to sad, we have Valencia.  This is one of my favourite races of the year, the paddock is alive, the atmosphere is buzzing and the riders are ready to let their hair down… let’s see what grand finale our boys display for us.

We have a no race this weekend, but its back in action for the final time on the 9th November.

Until then, ciao for now 

By Tracey Ann Daniels - MotoGP Correspondent for RTR Sports Marketing
In the pictures: Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner
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