MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, u-turn “I never said I’ll quit. That interview is old”

valentino rossi SKYU-turn. Only 24 hours have passed from Valentino Rossi’s famous “6 races to decide” interview and here comes the denial. During the SKY Sport event held to introduce the 2014 MotoGP TV schedule, The Doctor pointed out a few details to answer a couple of caustic jokes. Rossi said the media have distorted his words: he only said he would like to race for two more years, provided he still is up to the job.

What  follows are the words of Valentino Rossi: “That interview is a month old and an isolated statement with no context has been exploited. I have not said anything new, I’d like to keep riding over the next two years. It ‘s clear that in order to do that, I want to be able to be compete. Talking about 6 races is pretty normal, because in June we have always started talking about the next season. “

Back on Jeremy Burgess and his replacement by Silvano Galbusera: “Jeremy said I was right and that means the choice I made was right. I definitely need someone who believes in it. I needed to change, with Galbusera there was another way to work and we immediately found a good feeling. Now we have to wait until February to figure out if we can work well on the bike and on its development to be faster, “said the 9-time world champion.

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