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MotoGP: Waiting For The 2013 Season, With Its Major Changes

So, 2013 is here and the race season is soon to follow.  I thought I’d just recap, or explain a few things for those who are so mad on GP, on what’s going to be going on this season.

So firstly, the big news everyone’s been talking about is Valentino Rossi and his move back to YamahaJorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi will be sharing a garage again like they did two years previous.  Now I’m hoping and pretty confident that these two will get on a lot better this season, no more bitch fights, spitting dummies out, or putting garage walls up.  I generally believe they will push each other on the track, maybe Jorge will spur Valentino on more than then other way around but we shall see.   But either way, Valentino will be closer to the podium on Yamaha than he was on Ducati.

Another big news story is the fact that our main and very talented competitor Casey Stoner has decided that Moto GP isn’t for him anymore.  He expressed that the sport has changed too much and he doesn’t feel is has much left to stay for, and along with being a new married man and devoted father, I can understand why he decided to retire.  Love him or hate him, we needed him in the sport and I think he’ll be severely missed on the track this year!

So, in replacement of Casey, we now have Marc Marquez taking seat at HRC Honda.  And yes I can hear you say it “but I thought Rookies were not allowed straight to factory teams” well guess what, the rookie rule got dropped, why? Of course to let MM in, his whole career has been linked to Honda and all though he has had a good few incidents in Moto2, Marc is a strong rider with great potential, and reading recent interviews, he is no hurry to start trying to win races.   His approach is to ease himself in gently until he can feel confident enough to take the bull by the horns, but we shall see if that’s the tactic he really uses.

Another Moto2 rider to make the big move to the GP class is our very Bradley Smith, Bradley will be joining his fellow Briton Cal Crutchlow in the Tech 3 garage and can I just say how thrilled I am that we have to Brit’s finally in the GP, and even better, in the same team!!  Big smiles are on my face and if Cal is as competitive this year as he was last year, then there shall be many smiles all round.

So what else is new? Apart from the rules changes the only thing that will change is the qualifying sessions.  The sessions will be split in to two; both sessions consisting of 15 minutes and the riders will be split in to two groups which are decided by combining times.

Qualifying Practice Explained:

  1. The three existing sessions of free practice will be unchanged, however, the combined times from those sessions will determine participation in the final qualifying practice.
  2. The ten fastest riders will be seeded through to Qualifying Practice 2 (QP2).
  3.  All other riders will take part in Qualifying Practice 1 (QP1).
  4.  The fastest two riders in QP1 will progress to QP2, making a total of 12 riders competing for the first 12 grid positions.
  5. The riders not in the fastest two places in QP1 will take grid positions 13 and above according to their times in QP1.

New Practice Timings

  •  Day One

Free Practice 1 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation
Free Practice 2 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation

  • Day Two – Morning

Free Practice 3 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation

  • Day Two – Afternoon – New Schedule:

Free Practice 4 30 Minutes Not Timed for Qualifying Practice Participation Break 10 Minutes
Qualifying Practice 1 15 minutes
Break 10 Minutes
Qualifying Practice 2 15 minutes

So with all that said, I hope you have a better insight to what’s going to be happening in this year’s GP season.  Any questions or things you’re not sure on, please just tweet me @MotoGP_Tracey

By Tracey Ann Daniels - MotoGP contributor for RTR Sports Marketing
In the pictures: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Bradley Smith
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