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MotoGP: who will show up in Le Mans?

By Angelo Anolin -

With three races having different winners behind us, let us shift our focus on the upcoming LeMans race this weekend. Will it be another blast of the Spanish Armada (Lorenzo, Marquez or Pedrosa) or would another gallant racer stand up and take the challenge of getting the top step in the parc fermè?

Let us take a closer look at the current top 8 riders based on the championship standings and how they fared on this track for the past 5 years:

 1. Marc Marquez – Repsol Honda HRC

(2012 – Moto2) DNF*

(2011 – Moto2) 1st

(2010 – 125cc) 3rd

(2009 – 125cc) DNF*

(2008 – 125cc) DNF*

This is a track where Marc Marquez’s record is a bit suspect, considering that he had a string of DNF*s in both classes (125cc and Moto2) when he rode this track. Of course, those who have seen him ride the past three races will surely acknowledge that this young man has grown by leaps and bounds and even at this early stage of the season, can already be considered a threat for the world championship.

2. Dani Pedrosa – Repsol Honda HRC

(2012 – MotoGP) 4th

(2011 – MotoGP) DNF*

(2010 – MotoGP) 5th

(2009 – MotoGP) 3rd

(2008 – MotoGP) 4th

Dani’s performance on this track can be considered below average by his standards. Take note that in the past 5 years, he qualified on top of this track but only managed a best result of 3rd place. Still not to be discounted as he has just shown from the last race in Jerez why he is a serious threat every race weekend.

3. Jorge Lorenzo – Yamaha Factory Racing

(2012 – MotoGP) 1st

(2011 – MotoGP) 4th

(2010 – MotoGP) 1st

(2009 – MotoGP) 1st

(2008 – MotoGP) 5th

This is a track which Lorenzo likes a lot, as evidenced by his string of getting the top finish on 3 races and a pair of top 5 finishes. This could well be the track where Lorenzo stamps his mark back in the premiere class and let the others know that he is the reigning MotoGP champion.

4. Valentino Rossi – Factory Yamaha

(2012 – MotoGP) 2nd

(2011 – MotoGP) 3rd

(2010 – MotoGP) 2nd

(2009 – MotoGP) 16th

(2008 – MotoGP) 1st

Valentino Rossi has some pretty good performance in this track, even during his tumultous time with the Ducati. Expect him to try to duke out his win back in the saddle of the Yamaha machine.

5. Cal Crutchlow – Tech 3 Yamaha

(2012 – MotoGP) 8th

(2011 – MotoGP) DNF*

With Cal’s resurgence in this year’s premiere class, expect for him to try to score a podium finish. Even though his results for the past two seasons that he rode in this track were not ideal by his standards, focus and motivation to continue to form will make for an exciting race.

6. Alvaro Bautista – Go & Fun Gresini

(2012 – MotoGP) 10th

(2011 – MotoGP) 12th

(2010 – MotoGP) WID*

(2009 – 250cc) 4th

(2008 – MotoGP) 14th

One of the tracks where Bautista struggles a bit is this track. This is evidenced by his mediocre finish, even from his lower class days. Expect for him to eventually fight it out in the middle pack of the grid.

 7. Andrea Dovizioso – Factory Ducati

(2012 – MotoGP) 7th

(2011 – MotoGP) 2nd

(2010 – MotoGP) 3rd

(2009 – MotoGP) 4th

(2008 – MotoGP) 6th

This track may provide Dovizioso to regain some confidence as he continues to develop and adopt to the red beast. Overall, his results in this track have all been decent and this track, being one of his favorites in the season may see him battling it out in the middle of the grid.

8. Nicky Hayden – Factory Ducati

(2012 – MotoGP) 6th

(2011 – MotoGP) 7th

(2010 – MotoGP) 4th

(2009 – MotoGP) 12th

(2008 – MotoGP) 8th

We can consider Nicky Hayden’s performance in this track to be below average and this trend may continue as they continue to develop the Ducati machine. Lack of strong finish coupled with struggles adopting to the bike and finding a good setup may see him linger in the middle of the pack into the race.

The drama in the premiere class of MotoGP continues. A lot of motorcycle enthusiasts are pinning hopes for Rossi to take the win, considering that all races so far have been won by different riders. Though the Doctor may find it difficult to overcome the consistency and finesse of Jorge Lorenzo who has made his mark impressively on this track. Do not discount as well the rookie Marc Marquez to try and show that he’s a serious contender just into the fourth race of the season. Of course, there is also Dani Pedrosa who has always lingered behind the shadows of the past champions and is trying to establish that he is more than eager to bring his momentum moving forward. As with any other MotoGP fan, we hope to expect a gritty race between the top four while with the rest of the pack also looking to disrupt the top riders.

DNF* – Did Not Finish
WID* – Withdrawn From The Race

By Angelo Anolin - MotoGP Correspondent for RTR Sports Marketing
In the picture:  the riders of the 2013 Season
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