max biaggi aprilia 2012

Motorsports: Max Biaggi Announces Retirement. WSBK Loses World Champion

max biaggi aprilia 2012

max biaggi aprilia 2012

So, the news is out and many people will be sad, and many people will be happy I’m sure.  Max Biaggi announced his retirement from the racing world during a press conference at Vallelunga Circuit in Rome!

The 41-year-old Italian known as the ‘Roman Emperor’ recently won his second WSBK world title at Magny-Cours (2010 being his first) and also holds four world titles for the 250cc class in the MotoGP.  Max has had a varied and successful career of 29 wins and four straight titles with both Aprilia and Honda.  He rode in some of the best battles we have known, and battled it out some of the biggest names in racing.

He first started his career in 125cc at the tender age of 19; by 1991 he was Italian Sport Production Champion and moved his way up to the 250cc class to ride for Aprilla.  Through the 500cc class of the MotoGP, Biaggi created an arch nemesis; yes you guessed it, the one and only Valentino Rossi!!

The two often battled it out together for many years before Max decided to go to the WSBK class of racing. And yes, everyone remembers that famous incident when in 2001 Valentino Rossi punched Max Biaggi just before they went on to the podium!! They sure don’t make racing like that anymore do they guys? Shame though!!

max biaggi valentino rossi

max biaggi valentino rossi

However, the famous Italian went on to join the World Superbikes in 2007 and has enjoyed a wonderful career.   He will be missed dearly, and whether some may like it or not, love him or hate him, Max Biaggi is responsible for some of the most talked about races and battles in two wheeled racing history!!

Biaggi said: “I’ve chosen to quit and, unlike others, it’s not because of physical issues or because I haven’t found a competitive bike. I’ve turned down a contract with Aprilia that was identical to the one I had this year, with the same bike, for the same money.

“I believe I’ve missed enough time with my children and my partner already, and I think it’s right that I dedicate myself to them because time flies and I can’t stop that. I’m not some old politician, attached to my chair; it’s only fair that I make way for the youngsters.”

So that just leaves Aprilia to find a new team mate for former team mate Eugene Laverty, but not to panic, the season of 2013 doesn’t start until February 2013 and I shall keep you posted with any updates.

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By Tracey Ann Daniels – Motorsports Correspondent for RTR Sports Marketing
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