Sponsorship and MotoGP: a brief overlook

Prototype racing represents the pinnacle of any given genre of motorsport, and with motorcycles it is no different. It is one of the most watched racing series’ in the world, with millions of viewers tuning in to every race weekend to enjoy the action.

These viewing figures shouldn’t surprise you though, because MotoGP is one of the most exhilarating spectacles in global sport, and on regularly occasions it offers up racing action that would have even the most casual spectator on the edge of their seat.

It’s no wonder then that the above, coupled with an impressive response from consumers in terms of product selection through association, means that sponsors are eager to get involved with the sport, its teams, and their riders.

However, the sport didn’t build itself from nothing, and it was in fact eager sponsors that helped build MotoGP into the premier motorcycle class it is known as today.

Advantages Closer to Home

MotoGP has always been about developing and advancing in motorcycle technology. Whether this be in the area of outright performance, economy or reliability; the lessons the manufacturers are learning are filtered down into their production machines purchased by the public.

This means that year on year motorcycle technology moves on at a rapid rate, and as such millions of bikers around the world can enjoy the latest and greatest road worthy machinery.

It is the money the sponsors bring into the teams that allows them to continue to compete, and it is that continued competition that enables manufacturers to consistently develop their machinery to ultimately benefit the consumer.

The Best Events

MotoGP attracts a mass of title sponsors; both for the series as a whole and for Grand Prix weekends. These sponsors have vastly improved the experience for the spectator.

Grand Prix weekends have a festival feel to them. Everyone comes together to enjoy their passion for motorcycle racing, but there’s always more to see and do on a race weekend. Sometimes they’ll be music, shows, or exhibitions to entertain visitors, and the facilities provided means you’re never left feeling uncomfortable.

Because of sponsorship money, race weekends become an occasion, and much more than just standing on a grassy knoll starring at a piece of tarmac for a day.

Helping riders progress

As with Formula 1, money talks with regards to who gets what seat. Sometimes it means that the best don’t always get to compete, but other times it works out right.

Sponsors such as Arma Energy SNX allow riders like Scott Redding, an unbelievable young talent, to pursue his goals of championship success. In return, the sponsor not only get the coverage from seeing him at the front of the pack, but also the benefits of being associated with an exciting, cool and charismatic young motorcycle racing talent.

You only have to watch Valentino Rossi switch to a different manufacturer to see the power riders can have with enough sponsors behind them.

Sponsorship allows for progression in any sport, and in MotoGP the series, teams, riders, circuits and spectators have all benefits from the injection of money that comes with big names sponsors, creating one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the process.

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