RTR Sports Marketing Presents: The 2012 Sports Alphabet (list)



As 2012 draws to a close, we would like to write down our personal Sports Alphabet for this year. It’s been a great one and we sure are going to miss some of its legendary performances.

Armstrong, Lance - Once one of the biggest men in sports, the american cyclist had in 2012 his worst year so far, losing his 7  Tour de France’s and many of of sponsorship deals for doping. #disappointment.
Alonso, Fernando - The Spanish F1 driver had in 2012 his best season ever, despite losing the world title to Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel. #torero.

Baumgartner, Felix - Quite simply, the highest leap ever. Felix jumped off the Red Bull Stratos to cruise through the atmosphere in one of the most  heroic  performances of the year. #thewholeworldwashere
Bolt, Usain - Too much, too young. The Jamaican sprinter put on a show at the 2012 London Olympics. One more time. #legend

Conte, Antonio - It’s been ups and downs for one of Italy’s most talked about sportsmen. The Juventus coach first won the Serie A and then got involved in the storm of a truly disappointing “footballgate”. #rollercoaster.

Drogba, Didier - The Ivorian sensation helped Chelsea through their first Champions League Title ever. He eventually quit the team to look for, erm, new motivations. In Asia. #MarcoPolo
DelPiero, Alessandro -  One of the most talentful strikers of the past 20 years, DelPiero left Juventus and flew to Australia, where he was welcomed as one of the island’s most wanted shows. #evergreen

El Shaarawy, Stephan - We used to think Mario Balotelli represented the brightest future of Italian soccer. We were wrong, for the Pharaon kicked in the show. #thisisItaly
Errani, Sara - Sara might not be the number one in Tennis (yet), but sure she is this year’s biggest surprise. #allyouneedislove

Federer, Roger - Well, what did you expect? #history

Gatland, Warren - One of the game’s best men, Warren won the SixNations Cup in 2012. #Excusememister

Hesjedal, Ryder - Who would have thought? The canadian cyclist conquered the Giro d’Italia this year, one of the discipline’s most wanted trophies. #whenlifegivesyoulemons

Ibrahimovic, Zlatan - Last summer, french football team Paris Saint Germain built their dream team as you would with your Xbox’s FIFA13 squad. They eventually bought Zlatan, one of the 10 most influential players in the world from AC Milan. #toyboy

James, LeBron - Sport Illustrated’s Sportsman of the year, the Chosen One has won his first NBA ring alongside the likes of DWade and Chris Bosh.  He is probably the best basketball player our generation had the chance to see. No offence meant here, Kobe. #weareallwitnesses

Kirilenko, Andrei - You know, those russian guys, they act more than they speak. As the NBA lockout  blasted out last year, Andrei moved back to Mother Russia for a relaxing holiday season. Oh, by the way, he has been nominated 2012 Most Valuable Player of the the Euroleague. #fromRussiawithlove
Klopp, Jurgen - The Borussia Dortmund manager seems to have found the key to success. He won the Bundesliga last year and is now campaigning his triumphal football in a so far excellent Champions League season. #waytogo

London 2012 - In what probably have been the most glorious Games ever, London and the brits proved themselves as the true masters of organization, communication and marketing. No doubt we will remember the 2012 summer as a spectacular and wonderful one. #GodsavetheQueen
Lorenzo, Jorge - The most talentuos man to sit on a motorbike in 2012, the spanish MotoGP rider has tailored a perfect season to win his 2nd MotoGP Championship. #Olè

Messi, Lionel - What else. #heisfootball
McIlroy, Rory - This year, if you had asked Rory to put a golfball in an espresso-size coffee cup located atop of a skyscraper 20 blocks away from here in a windy, rainy night shooting from a moving boat with a paper club, well, he would probably have made it. With a birdie. #chapeu

Ngata, Halot - He will look for you, he will find you, and then he will knock you down. Quite simply, he redesigned the whole idea of defense in the NFL. #alteredbeast
Neymar - The most marketable athlete in 2012 according to Forbes. However, some of the wonders the brazilian youngster havas promised have yet to come. #wewillwait

Ovechkin, Alexander - For those who do not live on this planet, the NHL still is facing a terrible lockout. For non-american players, like Ovechkin, there is always a go-back-home option, but God knows what will happen in the next months. 2012 World Champion with the Russian National Team. #Zar

Pistorius, Oscar - He’s got no legs. He keeps winning. He keeps smiling. He won gold medals at London 2012. Again. Who’s the disabled now? #runOscarrun
Prandelli, Cesare - The Azzurri manager sure made us a nice present last summer as he drove the Italian National Team to the Euro 2012 Finals, during a month of overwhelming football bonanza. Ah, well, never mind Spain. #whatever

Qatar 2022 - I’m a bit concerned about this, for the desert does not seem a place to play footbal. But I’m sure they will definitely put on a show. They Always will. #shootthesheriff

Rossi, Valentino - The most dominant rider of the last 15 years of motorcycling chose to get back where he came from to try and win his 10th World Championship. The last 2 seasons with Ducati have been one of the greatest flops in the history of Motorsports. #Tryagain

Scherma Italiana, Italian Fencing -  A worldwide dominance, a discipline that belongs to one country and one country only. One more time this year the italian knights conquered the world. #trueswords
Stoner, Casey - At only 27 the Aussie decided to retire from the world of Sports. Probably the greatest raw talent of motorcycling of our generation, Stoner won two world MotoGP championships with Honda and Ducati #goodbye

Tebow, Tim - There was a time, around last January, when this guy was the most talked about sportsman of the world. With his trademark Teebowing, his biblical quoting and his heroic touchdown pass in the NFL playoffs (the most tweeted thing ever) this guy rose to worldwide fame #whosoeverbelieveth

USA Swimming Team -  Ok, they won everything this summer. And they’ve got Michael Phelps. But that’s not enough. Because their version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “call me maybe” has become an instant classic. Go check it on YouTube. #heyIjustmetyou

Vettel, Sebastian - Love him or hate him, but Seb (and his Red Bull Racing singleseater, of course) has won 3 Formula 1 World Championships in a row at only 25. #V3ttel

Wiggins, Bradley - No doubt Wiggo is the most stylish cyclist ever, with his classic sideburns, but surely he doesn’ t end up there. BBC Sportsman of the Year, Tour de France winner and double gold medal at the London Olympics. #modernclassic
Wozniacki, Caroline - Somebody out there is still waiting for her, and that’s not Mr. MccIlroy, his fiancèe.  Ex-number-one Wozniacki has probably lived her worst sport season to date, failing in almost every competition, from Wimbledon to the Olympics. #whateverhappened

Xavi - If there is a dominant national Team in the world of football, that is Spain. If there’s a Club, it’s Barcelona FC. Xavi Hernandez plays in both, as a regular starter. Enough said. #alwayswhereyouwanthimtobe

Ye, Shiwen - She’s born in 1996. She swims the last 50mt faster than Michael Phelps. She won two golds at the Olympics, broke a couple of world records like “meh, that was easy”. Her opponents accused her of being a male. She would swim faster than them anyways. #motorboat

Zanardi, Alex - If think you had a bad day, go read Alex’s story. You’ll feel better for the rest of your life. And guilty. And sorry. #truehero

By Emanuele Venturoli - RTR Sports Marketing
In the Picture: our Alphabet infographic 
Pic from the RTR Design Lab

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