New Marketing Challenges #5: The clutter factor

Your target may be lost in the clutter of today’s media

Increase in popular media from yesterday to today:

  • Consumer magazines: 300% more than in 1990
  • Websites: 2.5 million% more than in 1990
  • Book titles: 338% more than  in 1970
  • Television stations: 6,566% more than in 1960

Break through the clutter

In 2013, a standard customer receives from 3.000 to 5.000 advertising messages a day. With all these advertising images, the challenge is to get noticed in all the clutter, because almost every form of media is experiencing challenges in getting noticed.

ADV Effectiveness is Rapidly Dropping

“Advertising often seems overused or used distastefully creating a generally negative feeling toward the companies that over-do it. When people go to entertainment venues to escape the annoyances and stresses of daily life, they’re instead being attacked by ads everywhere they look”

Do you remember that commercial?

By the age of 66, most of us will have seen about 2 millions TV commercials. It’s like watching 8 hours of advertising, 7 days a week, for 6 consecutive years. In 1965 consumers recalled almost 34% of those commercials; in 1990, the percentage plunged at 8%. According to a 2007  AC Nielsen research, each consumer could recall an average of only 2.21 commercials among those seen in their entire life.
The Advertising Research Foundation found that  20% of all advertising campaigns are now too generalized and miss  the targetWrong messages waste €20bn to €30bn annually while Bad timing costs €10bn to €20bn.

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  1. Dave08-16-2013

    I agree with what you said. Today everywhere you look you see ads. There isn’t one square inch that’s free of ads, which is kind of disturbing. I do understand that people want their product to become known somehow, but this is getting out of control. Too much advertising can become a huge annoyance and promote hateful attitude towards a product, rather than making it more desirable.

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