Sports Marketing 2013: MotoGp & WSB Partnerships, Why Sponsoring

MotoGP is the world’s premier motorcycling championship. With an unrivalled 63-year history it is now the oldest motorsport World Championship in existence. Each Grand Prix is a superb spectacle, featuring the world’s most talented riders and technologically advantage, high-speed machinery from the leading manufacturers.

5  good reasons for sponsoring MotoGP:

  1. VISIBILITY. With its 18 rounds held in 14 countries spanning 4 continents, MotoGP generates unchallenged visibility figures: 2.4 million spectators, 207 countries receiving live TV coverage and 7.068 hours of broadcast.
  2. A GLOBAL MARKET. MotoGP is a genuinely global sport, with fans from all over the world of different sex and age.
  3. VALUES. MotoGP displays important and powerful values, widely recognised by millions of fans. Youth, innovation, passion, dynamism, excitement and technology surely come to mind when MotoGP is mentioned.
  4. B2B AND B2C OPPORTUNITIES. Sponsoring MotoGP gives the unique opportunity not only to reach a global audience, but also to team up with the other sponsors of the paddock, some of the world’s most famous brands, for unbelievable B2B opportunities.
  5. SPECTATORS AT THE CIRCUIT. All over the world, MotoGP continues to attract high spectator attendance figures at races, generating excellent coverage and recognition for sponsors. In 2011, 13 events recorded more than 100.000 spectators.

WSB (Superbike World Championship) was founded in 1988, being open to modified versions of road bike models available to the public. The early races originally were for large-capacity bikes up to 1100cc, with dazzling battles between the world’s top makers, such as Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda and BMW. Nowadays, not only WSB is a thrilling show held on 15 circuits and loved by thousands of passionate people across the world, but is one of the manufacturer’s most loved championships, for its well-known selling and promoting capability.

5 good reasons for sponsoring WSB:

  1. AT THE HEART OF RACING. WSB is considered the «purest» form of motorcycle racing. Every Superbike fan is a passionate follower, curious and loyal: a fantastic asset for every brand.
  2. A WIDER RANGE OF ENTRY LEVELS. For its tradition and authenticity features, WSB provides many different economic entry levels. Therefore it can be approached both from top-notch firms and small companies.
  3.  COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Thanks to its unique features, Superbike sponsorship generates a 1:10 Return of Investment (source: Infront sports): a fantastic and rewarding business opportunity.
  4. A GROWING PASSION. WSB is a ever-growing Championship, with rocketing TV audience and rising popularity. This is due to its spectacularity and exciting battles.
  5.  OTHER MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. WSB partnership offers 360° marketing opportunities. From hospitality services to licensing, from advertising to promotional activities, there is more than just brand visibility that meets the eye.
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