New Marketing Challenges #1: Europe’s bad scenario. On insolvencies and confidence

Reeling from business closures:

Over 146,000 businesses closed up in Italy during 2012, meaning more than 400 companies went bankrupt each day. Not only, during the first three months of 2013 the situation has not changed:  more than 4,200 closures have been recorded.
Things does not look different in Europe: over 244,100 corporate insolvencies occurred in Europe in 2012 (+3%), with estimates from 2012 suggest that the final figures for 2013 will be even worse. Why? Banks are hesitating to lend to less-than-giant businesses, forcing thousands  of viable companies out of business.



Consumers’ confidence still under average

Collapse of the housing and stock markets has eroded household net worth. Aggressive layoffs give rise to insecurity over jobs. In December, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) declined again, by 0.8 points. These two factors create a vicious circle: more & more consumers with fewer & fewer Euros to spend


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