New Marketing Challenges #10: Build Strong Bonds

Like any relationship, common interests are important

We choose our friends and spend time with them in activities we enjoy; that same logic now applies to companies. We choose to support companies who share our values and our interests. So, as a company, how can you help customers feel good about buying your products or services?

Customers actually LIKE companies supporting their causes and interests

For stable and profitable corporations: 77% of consumers would like to see them spend the same or more on their favorite sports and 84% would like to see more spending on favorite causes or non-profits. Once again, we see the same message…build relationships with our causes and our interests.

Join in and support what your best customers support

Being a sports fan—and loving a team brand—transcends a person’s job, family or social status. Fans experience pleasure and satisfaction with successful teams but they also experience feelings of delight or excitement that deeply resonates within the identity of the individual fan, such that the effects are likely to be long-term.

How does this reflect in behavior?

For example, a fanatical soccer fan:

  • Day to day obsession with the sport
  • Watch or attend games
  • Check scores online
  • Follow the team’s star players
  • Buy team merchandise
Source: Performance Research Survey, Consumers, ages 18-65, Feb 2009 , How Sports Brands Create Brand Fanatics, brandchannel, 10 August 2009

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