MotoGP Sponsorship: SIFI Group x LCR Honda 2023-2024


MotoGP Sponsorship: SIFI Group x LCR Honda 2023-2024

Ophthalmic powerhouse SIFI and MotoGP outfit LCR Honda have shaken hands again to renew an eye-watering ten-year partnership. It’s a long way now since the Catania-based venture and Lucio Cecchinello’s squad were introduced to each other by RTR Sports Marketing back in 2015 and started their journey together.

And boy did that go well. Right from the start, SIFI’s journey in MotoGP sponsorship was one of creativity and clever leveraging on the many benefits they had at hand. From spectacular hospitality weekends for their VIP guests to emotional international corporate events alongside LCR’s riders and showbike, SIFI has been a textbook example on how to use sport sponsorship in their marketing.

But more than that, it was possibly SIFI’s Driving Vision Science project that put the Italian company in the sports marketing Hall of Fame. Thoughtfully using MotoGP riders as a prime example of performing under stressful conditions and in extreme situations, the DVS project aims to develop a working protocol to improve eye capabilities and train a better sense of sight for everyday commuters, workers and professionals. Needless to say, the impact could be immense.

Initial research published by SIFI at the beginning of their work immediately proved revolutionary and quickly spread to medical press and professional pamphlets. Strengthened by the initial success, testing on riders continued to produce extremely interesting findings: while these super-human athletes are a class on their own even when it comes to seeing and watching things, our very sense of sight can be trained and improved greatly.

The LCR Honda Team are now looking ahead at the 2024 MotoGP season and are ready to sport SIFI’s logo on the front fairing of their Honda machine and on the sleeves of the team’s apparel. Hospitality benefits and other rights are again granted in what’s an unmistakable and highly recognizable partnership.

“What can I say? It’s mega. Ten years together and these brands are still stronger than ever -says RTR Sports’ Managing Director Riccardo Tafà– It shows the great results a well-activated sponsorship can produce and the immense potential of this marketing tool. It’s always been a win-win situation for both parties but it’s great to see how close they are now: it’s like watching family”.

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