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How do you choose your friends?

It’s about time companies start to engage their customers in a more efficient way

Think about this for a second. How do you choose your friends? How do you actually spend time with them? As individuals, we like to bond and hang out with people sharing the same interests, values and passions. We watch Sunday football together, enjoy a good glass of wine every now and then and discuss of mutual interests. Why should it be different with the brands and companies surrounding us?

Sport Sponsorship is highly-effective

Sponsors get to meet their customers without interrupting their favorite shows and supporting their passion

Sport Sponsorship, unlike advertising, is seen as an indirect attempt to persuade. Consumers’ defense mechanisms are low when perceiving sponsorship, while they are high when watching TV commercials and traditional advertising.

Technically speaking, sport sponsorship is very effective on the affective component of an attitude (what we feel) because it creates a positive bond between the product and the things we like. Moreover, sport sponsorship is very effective on the cognitive aspect too (what we know) because it adds the features, values and qualities of the sponsored team or event to those of the sponsoring brand. The combination of these two aspects affects the behavioral component of an attitude, thus resulting in higher sales and better marketing positioning.

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