Sports Brand Licensing Agency

Since its early days, RTR Sports has been proud to offer its consultancy not only for sports sponsorship and sports marketing projects, but also for all things licensing and sports licensing.

Licensing is a powerful marketing tool allowing your brands and products to benefit from the popularity and qualities of the world’s top teams and athletes. We can pair your brand with sports teams, drivers, riders and players that share your values, and ensure that your logo gets seen across pitches, courts and stadiums, and ultimately elevate your brand in the eyes of those who are passionate about sports – whichever they might be.

Through the expertise of our consultants, our agency will explore the various options in the sports arena to build the perfect licensing project for your company and objectives. Not only that: during the whole duration of the process, our team will help you evaluate, monitor and fine-tune your project to ensure you get the best results and do not miss any opportunities.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting and lucrative aspect of sports marketing.

What is Brand Licensing

Brand licensing is an innovative marketing technique that can offer an excellent opportunity to increase revenue and/or brand awareness for your business or product. It takes the form of a contractual agreement, by which a sports team or organisation gives a company a license to use its name, logo or trademark on the company’s products.

Sport licensing enables you to promote, enhance and build your brand or product and reach a wide and targeted audience by exploring new markets, distribution channels and targeted campaign strategies.

RTR Sports Marketing boasts a highly skilled team with years of experience in the sector, and can manage the process throughout all its phases – from strategic to contractual to operational.

We ensure that the value of the brand is enhanced to the maximum, and that the best economic results are achieved.

Successful examples of brand licensing – MotoGP and more…


Dovi4 – Grimaldi

Grimaldi Industry, an important designer label of made in Italy clothing, has become an official licensee for Dovi4, the brand belonging to the MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso. The signing of this agreement was made possible also thanks to the consultancy of RTR Sports Marketing

computer licenza valentino rossi

VR46 – Packard Bell

VR46, the company that holds the commercial rights to Valentino Rossi, has, thanks to the valuable consulting services of RTR Sports Marketing, been able to seal an important licensing agreement with Packard Bell, the leading brand in the field of Information Technology.

Licensing: Abarth, Intel and Brain Technology

Intel – Abarth

Historic Italian racing car maker Abarth has signed a partnership agreement with Intel, the leading multinational microprocessor manufacturer. The partnership, which came about thanks to the consultancy services of RTR Sports Marketing, stems from the desire of the two brands to work together on the development of innovative products.