• I have known and worked with Riccardo Tafà since 1995 when we collaborated for the first time on a project for the Williams Formula 1 team. Several clients followed. After leaving Williams to work for Gerhard Berger then owner of the Toro Rosso F1 Team, I turned again to Riccardo to seek his help in finding a tool supplier for the team and Riccardo duly obliged with an introduction to USAG, a partnership with Toro Rosso which endured for five years. I recently started a new role as Group Commercial Director for the renowned Andretti Autosport organisation and I find myself working with Riccardo once again on a number of interesting projects. Why has this relationship with Riccardo endured ? He’s smart, knows the commercial side of sport inside out and back to front and he’s honest and trustworthy. Riccardo Tafà is a “doer” not a “talker”: in over 20 years I have never had a dispute either with him or with a company that he has introduced and each partnership introduced by Riccardo has delivered quantifiable ROI to rights holder and sponsor alike. I can think of no better testimonial of Riccardo’s diligence, knowledge, contact base and hard work than that.

    Jim Wright - Group Commercial Director
    Jim Wright - Group Commercial Director Andretti Autosport
  • We have been working with RTR Sports Marketing for over 10 years. The objectives and the programmes of collaboration continue to be renewed and to grow with mutual satisfaction. I believe RTR is a team of great professionals led by Riccardo Tafà, who I consider a manager of exceptional skills and with a great passion for his work.

    Lucio Cecchinello - Team Principal
    Lucio Cecchinello - Team Principal LCR Honda
  • I would like to highlight the fact that one of the qualities of RTR is its great ability to approach the sponsorship scenario strategically, together with its passionate attitude, its amazing enthusiasm for solving problems, and its high level of professionalism.

    Gianluca Degliesposti - Executive Director Server&Storage EMEA
    Gianluca Degliesposti - Executive Director Server&Storage EMEA LENOVO
  • Eurosport is truly delighted with its business relationship with Riccardo Tafà, who has become extremely popular, thanks to his detailed knowledge of the sports marketing sector and his highly diligent attitude to work.

    Francois Ribeiro - Commercial Director
    Francois Ribeiro - Commercial Director Eurosport
  • Passion and Expertise are the features that I have found in RTR since the very beginning. Serious and reliable professionals but also very helpful, nice and open-mind people, willing to listen and compare different ideas. All the values in which RTR believes make this agency a partner, not just a supplier, a partner with whom we have had the opportunity to achieve significant commercial results in term of success and image.

    Luca Pacitto - Head of Communication
    Luca Pacitto - Head of Communication FASTWEB
  • (…) we have been working with RTR for over ten years now, with results that have been satisfactory to say the least; we have always been very happy with the high level of professionalism, the original creativity and the support that the agency and its staff have constantly guaranteed us.

    Livio Suppo - Team Principal
    Livio Suppo - Team Principal REPSOL HONDA HRC
  • (…) We have been working with RTR for some years and we have always valued their skill, professionalism and attention to detail. The extensive knowledge of MotoGP makes Riccardo Tafà and his team an ideal partner for companies wishing to enter into this world.

    Lin Jarvis - Managing Director
    Lin Jarvis - Managing Director Yamaha
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