RTR Sports: your MotoGP sponsorship agency

Since 1995 we have been an agency specializing in MotoGP sponsorships: we advise brands and companies wishing to use the best of motorsport as an effective marketing and communication tool. Our philosophy revolves around three main principles: we are vertical, we are independent, we are transparent.

  • Being vertical means that we only cover motorsport: MotoGP, Formula 1, WEC, Formula E and World Superbike.
  • Being independent means that we can work with every team, every organization, every driver, and every circuit, and we can offer clients the best option for your business.
  • Being transparent means having procedures and quality controls to ensure that you always know what is going on and what you can expect from each moment of the negotiation.



MotoGP sponsorship: Your brand at the heart of the action

The MotoGP World Championship-the oldest motorsport championship in the world, with its birth in 1949-continues to conquer new markets and new slices of the public, thanks in part to its expansion around the globe. With more than 20 races on the Calendar not counting sprint races, the MotoGP championship touches 17 countries on five continents, showcasing the strongest riders on the planet. The world’s best motorcycle manufacturers, from Honda to Ducati, Yamaha to KTM and Aprilia, compete for the crown of premier class champion in a clash of speed, technology, adrenaline and energy.

MotoGP is the perfect platform to connect your brand with a global audience through exclusive, tailor-made partnership proposals designed to provide you with maximum impact and return on investment.

Motogp: Media Coverage

  • 200 countries and territories receive MotoGP TV signal
  • 369 Million homes reached
  • 45,725 hours of MotoGP broadcast in one year
  • 9,248 media representatives from 62 countries attended

MotoGP: a truly global platform

  • 2.5 million track spectators, with over 100,000 at each event
  • 83% of the public tend to choose a brand because they associate it with MotoGP
  • 68% of the public bought a product because of MotoGP sponsorship

(Source: Dorna, Nielsen, CSM International)


Our services for MotoGP sponsorships

As an agency specializing in MotoGP sponsorship, we can help you with the following services:

  • MotoGP sponsorship brokerage. If you are considering a sponsorship package in MotoGP, we can help you build the best program by selecting the best teams and riders on the grid. From the initial design to the signed contract, we will advise you throughout.
  • Activation of MotoGP sponsorship. Activation is not the icing on the cake. Rather, this is where the actual value of the sponsorship package comes from and where a sports marketing agency can really prove its worth. It may be setting up a pop-up with the showbike in the center of town, or having fun simulator races-this is where creativity knows no bounds.
  • Licensing MotoGP: RTR Sports Marketing is more than just a sponsorship agency. We have always strived to go beyond traditional visibility and harness the potential of the sport to create value for our clients. Licensing is a powerful tool to convey the outstanding values and legacy of MotoGP and breathe new life into your products.
  • MotoGP hospitality packages, MotoGP VIP Village and MotoGP Premier. If you think there is nothing better than seeing things live, you are right. The thrill of motorsport when on the track is second to none: the scream of the engines, the dizzying speed, the glamour of the world’s glitziest paddock. ForMotoGP sponsors, this can become a must-have offer to connect with their best customers and close new business in an exciting environment. To learn more, see our page on hospitality in MotoGP.


Why sponsor MotoGP?

MotoGP sponsorship: a comprehensive and efficient marketing tool

A sponsorship package in the best of motorsport is a true all-around marketing tool, capable of expressing passion, technology and innovation, as well as countless activation opportunities and exceptional international media coverage. MotoGP fans are young and loyal (42 percent have been following the sport for two to five years, while an average spectator attends 15 out of 20 races per season) and are as fond of MotoGP sponsors and brands as they are with the riders.

It is clear that being a sponsor of the MotoGP World Championship means having an amazing array of marketing opportunities that work together to generate impressive ROI. It also offers the opportunity for a fully customized project, tailored to the brand’s business and marketing objectives. If it truly is, as modern marketing dictates, all about storytelling, then MotoGP’s amazing output of images, videos, and content makes it the perfect platform for companies looking to expand their online fanbase and social media following. All this leads to one result: truly effective content marketing with real long-term results.

  • 84% of fans regard MotoGP as the pinnacle of motorsport and emphasize the positive attributes of the brand in general.
  • 94% of fans say the sport offers exciting races.
  • 79% of fans call MotoGP the most exciting sport in the world.
  • Seventy-one percent say it is state-of-the-art technology.
  • The highest rated attributes of MotoGP are: Exciting, Competitive, Fun, Global and Unpredictable.

To each his own

MotoGP sponsorship offers brands several opportunities for collaboration at every level, and it is not only the technical and automotive-related sectors that produce the most lucrative sponsorship deals.

Logistics, for example, plays a key role in the organization of MotoGP races, making it one of the most significant areas for sponsorship, as evidenced by DHL ‘s role as the official sponsor of the championship. Information technology brands, such as Lenovo, have also capitalized on sponsorship opportunities by becoming Title Sponsors of the Ducati Team, while cybersecurity brands, such as Kaspersky, sponsor theAprilia Racing Team. Equally strong are brands in digital commerce, such as eBay -official sponsor of the VR46 Racing Team MotoGP-and those in the oil sector, such as Repsol, which has been Title Sponsor of Team Honda HRC for very long years, or in energy, such as Pertamina.



The benefits of sports sponsorship

And why you should consider a sponsorship agency specializing in MotoGP for your company

What can sports offer a company? The list is long, but we can try to give a few answers:countless opportunities for sponsorshipactivation, enormous scalability, extremely high ROIfor brands, and efficiency for both B2C and B2B sponsors. This combination, combined with the positive psychological effect that sponsorship knows how to generate in the consumer, means that the final effect of campaigns is always largely positive. In short, it is not surprising that most Fortune 500 companies are active in sports sponsorship programs.

Specialized television channels, international media coverage, an extraordinary number of media outlets-all of these aspects add up to create the perfect marketing and communication tool to get your brand known to a global audience. With the support of a good motorsport sponsoring agency, great results can be achieved.

New audience. Sport is a global and unifying force that transcends borders and political conflicts. This harmony and inclusion offers brands the opportunity to open up to new markets and target audiences, almost without boundaries or limits.
Sports sponsorship offers an opportunity to maximize all the communication tools at your disposal: exclusive content, image rights, storytelling strategy and live events, for example. The ability to fuse all of these aspects of your campaign together offers unparalleled potential in terms of the reach and engagement of your potential customers.
Sports sponsorship agreements can also have benefits in the field for customer and employee relations. Hospitality packages, such as VIP packages for MotoGP, provide opportunities to reward employees, offer incredible incentive packages, and showcase sponsorship successes to important stakeholders. Think VIP tickets, hospitality boxes, and gourmet dinners as standard. Why not use memorable moments like these to leverage and increase your business?
With most Fortune 500 companies realizing the benefits of motorsports sponsorship opportunities, starting your campaign will bring you into an exclusive club of brands and organizations that share a common passion and purpose: the power of sports and their value on the world stage. Connections between sponsors are common and easy to establish. After all, you are all involved for the same reasons, and your motorsport marketing agency will help you get all the right introductions.



Efficiency of sports sponsorship

And the decline of the traditional consumer

Unfortunately for marketing traditionalists, the old world of ADV is no longer reaping the rewards it once did. Although consumers are still highly engaged, their behaviors have drastically changed. The key is to understand that the new customer is tech savvy, well-informed, and very, very aware when you sell them something. One solution that can really help brands in this scenario is sports sponsorship. Here are some of the reasons.

Sports sponsorship harnesses the excitement of a tournament, game or championship, aligning your brand with spectators’ strong feelings of positivity-something completely unique.
It allows you to share and convey the positive values of a sports team or sports in general.
Sports sponsorship does not interrupt spectators while they are trying to watch an important game, but creeps into their experience and becomes part of the action.
It is growing rapidly, up 5 percent year-on-year (IEG), creating a global sponsorship business worth more than $62.8 billion.

MotoGP facts and figures

Welcome to a media powerhouse

Media Production: 45,725 hours of content, 150 Media Professionals, 180 Live Cameras, 13 Signal Transmitters, 1,118 hours of content per GP, 100 cameras on board the three classes, 15 Terabytes of content per event.

Media figures: more than 200 countries receiving the live TV signal, 27,145 total broadcast hours, 433 million homes reached via cable satellite, 55 countries represented by media personnel, 9,557 media representatives.

List of broadcasters (not exhaustive): Sky (Italy), BT Sport (United Kingdom), DAZN (Spain), Trans7 (Indonesia), FOX (Asia), Servus TV (Germany, Austria), Canal+ (France, Belgium), Eurosport (Benelux, Romania), Sport TV (Portugal), C8 (France), ESPN (Latin America), BeIN Sports (USA, Canada), Hulu (Japan), Sony ESPN (Indian Subcontinent), SporTV (Brazil), Nova Sport 1 (Czech Republic).

Website, Official MotoGP App and TV App: 17 million users, 71 million sessions, 222 million page views, 28 million video plays, 9 million hours of content watched.

Social Media: 12.6 billion impressions, 3.8 billion video views, 42 million global followers.

Total track attendance: 2,863,113

With these figures, it’s easy to see why motorsports sponsorship is on the rise and how a partnership with a MotoGP team can provide your company and brand with high-level marketing opportunities and services.



How to generate the ROI of sponsorship in motorsport

The importance of sponsorship activation in MotoGP and other major series

Sponsorship activation is undoubtedly one of the major areas of any successful sponsorship program, and too often it is overlooked. Sponsoring brands sometimes forget that motorsport sponsorship opportunities, per se, are nothing more than a set of marketing and communication rights. Consequently, it is necessary to actively exploit these rights to extract maximum value and turn them into shares.

Simply put, sponsorship activation is the set of strategies and actions that a brand sponsor can create to leverage sponsorship rights, thereby leveraging the maximum value of the program and generating a return on investment.

It is easy to see how broad this concept is: from events to social media storytelling, from hospitality programs to merchandise production, any action made possible by the sponsorship agreement falls into the category of sponsorship activation. Brands such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Repsol, Monster Energy, Nike or Petronas have become known for their clever activations and use of sponsorship, which often result in memorable marketing and branding moments.

However, although activation is a key aspect of any sports marketing strategy, potentially multiplying the value generated by sponsorship, it is not something that properties provide to their sponsors. Rather, each individual sponsor must implement its own set of actions according to its own needs, skills, goals, and budget. The activation expense, in fact, should be considered in addition to the sponsorship expense itself and should be taken into account as a separate but necessary cost.

A MotoGP sponsorship agency such as RTR Sports Marketing, because of its experience in the field, is particularly effective and helpful when it comes to sponsorship activation, as it already has a very clear idea of what can and cannot be done and what steps are needed to achieve a given goal.



Become a partner in the premier class of motorcycle racing

Help your brand grow with MotoGP sponsorship

Being a MotoGP partner means entering a very exclusive environment. An environment where B2b conversations with other partners are easier and more productive, and where opportunities to engage with your international fans, customers and clients are more exciting and fruitful.

MotoGP sponsorships are flexible and customized to your needs, business and marketing objectives. Costs, as well as benefits, can range from highly specific operations to world-class international partnerships.

With prices ranging from $50,000 to $20 million, MotoGP sponsorship can be the perfect tool for companies and businesses of all sizes and weights, and it allows for all kinds of opportunities, whether it is a partnership with Dorna-the MotoGP rights holder-or with any team on the grid-official or satellite.

Agencies like RTR Sports Marketing can help you and your brand in finding the perfect sponsorship deal for MotoGP. With our network, experience and knowledge, we can help you keep in touch with teams and organizers, drivers and managers and create the perfect partnership, saving you time, money and effort.

So if you think racing could be the next big thing for your brand, contact us today.




All pictures by Mirco Lazzari and Raffaella Gianolla