Dakar Rally Sponsorship Agency

Partnering with motorsport’s greatest adventure

The Dakar Rally: a name that resonates with adrenaline junkies and motorsport enthusiasts around the globe.

In the world of racing, few events can claim the longevity and allure of the Dakar Rally. It all began in 1979 when Thierry Sabine, a French racer and adventurer, conceived the idea of a race that would test the mettle of both man and machine. The inaugural Dakar Rally, known as the “Paris-Dakar”, set off from the heart of Paris, France, and culminated in Dakar, Senegal. This audacious transcontinental race covered over 6,000 miles of treacherous terrain, traversing deserts, mountains, and savannas.

Today, competing in the Dakar Rally is no ordinary feat. Participants must grapple with the relentless demands of this grueling race, covering staggering daily distances that test their physical and mental endurance to the limit. The Dakar challenges not only their driving skills but also their navigational prowess, as they navigate through the unforgiving wilderness with little more than a roadbook and a GPS.

It’s more than just mere competition; it’s a celebration of human endeavor and the unyielding pursuit of the extraordinary. The camaraderie among competitors, the indomitable spirit of the support crews, and the unwavering dedication of the fans create a unique atmosphere that is both electrifying and heartwarming.

For companies and brands wishing to sponsor the Dakar Rally, it’s a chance for worldwide visibility and exposure, but also for a compelling storytelling of adventure, freedom, perseverance and technological strength.


The 2024 Dakar Rally: new routes and stages

The 2024 Dakar Rally is scheduled to take place from January 5th to January 19th, 2024. This epic event will commence in the ancient city of AlUla, traverse through the heart of the nation towards the formidable Empty Quarter, and culminate on the scenic shores of Yanbu, nestled by the Red Sea. This challenge will be as formidable as the previous January’s, promising competitors extensive stretches of daunting sand dunes, where not only will they grapple with technical obstacles but also navigate through perplexing terrains.

A novel stage format has been introduced for this edition: the “48-hour stage”, which imposes a strict time limit of halting at 4 pm, only to resume the journey the following day at 7 am to complete the route. As part of the Dakar Future program, the Mission 1000 initiative beckons constructors to test vehicles equipped with innovative technologies on the rugged Dakar terrain. They will be subjected to a rigorous evaluation in a colossal laboratory, covering over a hundred kilometers each day.


The route will span an impressive distance of 5,000 kilometers, encompassing special stages, with a remarkable 60% of them being entirely new. Nine bivouacs will be established across an expansive expanse, crisscrossing the terrain in both directions, ultimately concluding in Yanbu, nestled by the shores of the Red Sea.


This novel stage format spans two days and mirrors the challenges of a marathon stage, albeit with the provision for competitors to extend mutual assistance during the evening. However, there will be no discretion in selecting companions for meals or repairs, as drivers and crews will be dispersed across eight distinct bivouacs. When the clock strikes 4 pm, all vehicles will be mandated to halt at the nearest bivouac en route. Stripped of communication and consequently, devoid of insight into their rivals’ performances, competitors will camp for the night, resuming their journey at 7 am the following day to conclude the remaining segment of the route. The tally will be reckoned after navigating approximately 600 kilometers of special stages.


RTR Sports Marketing is a Dakar Rally sponsorship agency

Since 1995, at RTR Sports Marketing we have been providing consultancy for brands and companies wishing to use motorsport sponsorship for their marketing and communication needs. We secure deals in all the major series and events of racing, from Formula 1 to MotoGP, from Formula E to the WEC: the Dakar Rally Sponsorship makes no exception.

RTR Sports Marketing’s expertise and know-how as a Dakar Rally sponsorship agency can help you and your brand with the following:

Dakar Sponsorship Brokering.

Are you and your brand thinking about a Dakar Rally sponsorship package? Look no further then. We can help building the best program with the best teams, riders and drivers. From the initial plan to a signed contract, we will provide consultancy all along.

Dakar Sponsorship Activation.

Activation is not the icing on the cake. Rather, it’s where the actual value of the sponsorship package springs from and where a Dakar Rally agency can truly prove their usefulness. It may be taking the showcar for a spin in a city center, or having the drivers signing autographs at one of your events: this is where sky’s the limit and creativity knows no boundaries.

Dakar Licensing.

RTR Sports Marketing is much more than just a motorsport sponsorship agency. Since the early days, we strive to go past the traditional visibility and leverage on the sport’s potential to create value for our clients. Licensing is a powerful tool to convey Dakar’s exceptional values and legacy and boost new life into your products.


An impressive TV and social media audience

  • 4.200 Hours of TV broadcast
  • 190 countries broadcast the rally on 70 Channels
  • 13 Hours of content broadcast every day, right from the bivouac
  • more than 560 accredited media people on the entire rally
  • 120 media from 33 nationalities
  • more than 10,4 Million visits to the website dakar.com from smartphones, tablets or desktops
  • more than 1,000 media outlets all over the world
  • 5 million visits to the new live tracking module Race Center
  • 6,6 Million sessions on the Dakar app available on Google Play and the App store
  • 266 million video views on the official platforms, from Instagram to Twitter, from Facebook to YouTube
  • a community of 6,7 Million fans on Social Media

Why sponsoring the Dakar Rally

The Dakar has always been synonymous with adventure, passion, discovery, speed and technology. Sponsoring the world’s most famous rally means becoming part of it and embracing its tradition and philosophy.

Sponsors and partners receive extraordinary visibility and exposure around the world thanks to the extraordinary media coverage: there is not a magazine, website or social media outlet in the motorsport arena that does not dedicate ample space to this incredible event.

However, that is not all.

Becoming a sponsor of the Dakar means embracing its values, reflecting its emotions and achievements. Rally sponsors receive unparalleled brand positioning, are provided with amazing storytelling opportunities and can enjoy unparalleled marketing benefits.

If it is true that there is no other adventure as great as the Dakar, it is also true that being its sponsor means equipping oneself with an immense marketing platform, capable of opening up unimaginable B2B and B2C avenues.