Avoid the deception of “do-it-yourself”

Why choose a sports marketing and sponsorship agency? In an age where you can get anywhere with a click, it is tempting to approach teams and properties directly for sponsorship projects. By doing so, one is convinced to shorten the value chain, saving time and money. However, these DYI modes are anything but risk-free, and what initially appears to be a competitive advantage soon turns into a problem that is difficult to solve. That’s why there are agencies. And that is why, for your sponsorships, you should rely on us.

Save time and money

When first approaching a sponsorship or sports marketing project, it is difficult to know immediately which stakeholders are correct, what the decision flow is, and what the right timelines are for each process. Sports is a very specialized field of action, and fitting effectively into its paths can take a lot of time and therefore money. We, on the other hand, know referents and spheres of action and know who to talk to, when and how. So you are also more effective.


The right information, the right choice

Sports is an immense passion, and for our heart colors we would be willing to do anything. But business is a different business, and it is important to make the best possible strategic decisions based on independent research, statistics and reliable data. A sports marketing and sports sponsorship agency like RTR has an objective, 360-degree picture of the scenario and can tell you what is really best for you: which sport, which athlete, which team. This is because we possess a great deal of data and information on ratings, segmentation and attitudes. Because the numbers don’t lie. Never.

Activations are the beating heart

Activations are the real heart of sports sponsorship. Without them, there remains only a blank sticker on a motorcycle, car or uniform and no contact with the public, no emotional connection, no impact on the bottom line. Then how do you do it? It certainly won’t be the teams or the athletes who will help you leverage sponsorship and enjoy the many marketing rights you have paid for. To bring out the best in a sports marketing project you need an agency that knows how to use sponsorship to engage the fanbase on the Web, to reach out to Shopping Centers, to organize hospitality, to develop B2B and B2C opportunities, and to get “your” athletes in front of millions of potential consumers.

Objective measurement for certain return

Would you ever go to the dealer who sold you the car and ask if the competitor’s car is better? No, of course. So, how do you expect to get firm measurements of the effectiveness of your sponsorship if you do not rely on someone super partes? At RTR, we have always worked with independent third-party agencies that allow us to know the return on any exposure of your brand on TV and in the media. In addition, we believe in calculating ROI as the ultimate measure of your success-so we can tell you for every penny you spend how much you are making.


Sit back, relax, we’ll take care of it

We have been involved in sports sponsorship and sports marketing for more than 15 years. We are consultants in the sense that our goal is to maximize your investment, but we are also an agency that manages the project from start to finish. We have been doing this since 1995 with passion and professionalism, following three principles that have become cornerstones of our business: independence, verticality and transparency.

Independents. By choice.

Independence is, in our view, one of the main characteristics that a sponsorship agency must possess today. Independence means freedom of action and freedom to give the right answer at every opportunity. But it also means comprehensive knowledge of the field of action and an obligation to maintain solid, constructive and valuable relationships with all stakeholders.

We are independent because we believe that every project is different, and the right answer cannot always be the same. Just as each brand has its own characteristics and experience, so each Team or Championship possesses its own value system, heritage, and vision.

For those who choose to work with us, independence is a guarantee of effectiveness and quality. Because in order to make an important decision, it is always necessary to be able to evaluate all alternatives and not propose only one opportunity.

Verticals. Traditionally.

Since 1995 we have been dealing solely with the top motorsport series. We are convinced that sports is too vast a world to be able to be an expert in everything, just as we are convinced that a client always deserves the highest level of expertise. For this reason, when someone asks us if we also handle soccer, or sailing or golf, we are not afraid to say that for those sports, while very valid, we are not the correct interlocutors.

We deal with Formula 1, MotoGP, WEC, Formula Eand Superbike because these disciplines are fascinating, adrenaline-pumping, global, full of interesting values, and highly effective in terms of communication.

Of these worlds, of these paddocks we know everything, or almost everything. We have trusted relationships with team principals, drivers, managers, racetrack directors, journalists, photographers, organizers, promoters. We know the trails, the times, the rhythms, the customs. And we are confident in telling you that we can accompany you here with confidence and experience, recommending the most suitable solution.


Transparent. By conviction.

Talking about money is important since in business the economic part is crucial. Doing so with transparency is not only an act of fairness or elegance, but also a guarantee of a working relationship on time and without surprises.

In deal making services, our commercial fee comes from sports properties. Suggesting Team A or B to us makes no difference. For you, yes. At a project definition stage we will ask you for a minimum fee to cover our costs. We will be happy to talk about it and find the best solution in the first conversation. However, it is different for activations, communication plans and other activities that need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

From our clients, on the other hand, we demand clear goals and fairness. After an initial meeting we used to have a “engagement letter,” a non-binding letter of intent that authorizes us exclusively, in the name of the brand, to engage in discussions with teams and organizations. At the same time we draft together a “launch control” document, an organized and precise summary that tells the target audience, goals, markets of interest, and available budget. Unfortunately, without these elements, it is difficult to go far.

Have we convinced you?

If you think motorsport is the right tool for you and your company, click the button below. We will be happy to discuss with you the possibilities offered by this fascinating world and find the right path for you together. And if, on the other hand, you would like to see which companies we have collaborated with over our nearly 30-year history, just follow this link to discover all our fellow travelers.