ML | Mirco Lazzari Magazine | Issue 5

Siamo qui, di nuovo in pista. Finalmente. In pochi, in 15, però ci siamo. E con orgoglio. È tutto diverso, è tutto strano. Complimenti, comunque, a chi è riuscito a fare sì che si possa [...]

ML | Mirco Lazzari Magazine | Issue 4

The story of this great undertaking seems almost trivial: two very strong riders who race for two great manufacturers, challenge each other in the last race to win the title. But banal is the [...]

ML | Mirco Lazzari Magazine | Issue 3

If I said that everyone loved Nicky, those who didn’t know him would think, “That’s what everyone says when someone passes away. They suddenly become a hero. Their insignificant acts are [...]