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Sell your sponsorship better

Ask the client to download SponsorSim on his device and connect with him directly on the platform


Sell your sponsorship faster

Customize the sponsorship visuals in real time and let the client enjoy amazing 3D results on his phone or tablet, thanks to the power of AR.


Sell your sponsorship remotely

Happy with what your client sees? Go right ahead and snap a picture to save or share


Sponsorsim. Sponsorship: reinvented

Originally designed for two-wheeled disciplines, SponsorSim is an application for smartphones and tablets allowing the user to simulate the application of a sponsor brand on a specific sports product.

Thanks to the power of Augmented Reality, it is possible to customize the object remotely and in real time: through the camera of your device you can immediately see the result, move around the object and appreciate all its features.

The application can be customized for any need, allowing simulations on the fairings of cars and motorcycles, football uniforms, basketball courts, racing bicycles or even in the multi-sport version.

Sponsorsim is an innovative, effective and interactive way to present sponsorship solutions remotely in real time to potential customers and partners, managing to communicate all the emotion and power of sports marketing projects.