What is a Sports Marketing Agency?

Avoid the DIY trap with the right sports sponsorship program

It’s no secret that today you can get what you want fast and easily – often in just one click. For those looking to invest in sports sponsorship, there’ a strong temptation to get directly in touch with teams, athletes and properties, thinking of saving both time and money. In this hyper-connected context, do you really need a sports marketing agency to work on your behalf? The answer is yes – yes you do. Unfortunately, DIY method for sports sponsorship usually falls short, and what might have looked like a great idea in the beginning quickly throws up problems – from lack of time and expertise to specifics like not being used to dealing with sports contract negotiations. This is why you’ve got sports marketing agencies. Here, we’ll explain why they’re still essential – and why, from amongst the many sports marketing agencies you can choose from, you should choose RTR Sports Marketing.


Sports Marketing Agencies | Saving money, save time

When you approach a sports sponsorship programme or a sports marketing project for the first time, it is hard to be sure about the right people to talk to, what the correct workflow is, and what’s are the most efficient schedule to get the whole thing up and running. Sport is a very specialised scenario, and to get sports sponsorship might take some time and – sadly – some good money. At RTR Sports Marketing, though, we know the right people in the right places and can advise directly on your next-best-move. With our help and connections you waste no time or money, and get to be super-efficient at the same time.


Sports Marketing Agencies|The right background, the right choice

The love for a team, the community feel of games or matches, the immense joy of victory – there’s nothing like the love a sports fan has for the team they’re committed to. However, business is a different ball game. It is important to take the best possible decision, and one that rests on solid, reliable data and stats, rather than loyalty or emotion. An agency like RTR Sports Marketing, with a proven track record in the sports industry, can provide you with the big picture,, the right information and all the figures you need, so together we can see what the truly top-notch choice is: what team, what sport or what athlete. Because figures don’t lie – ever – but personal opportunities or loyalties might cloud judgement. Sometimes you need an impartial voice. At RTR Sports Marketing, we can provide this on top of many other marketing services to help you to get the best out of your sponsorship programme.


Sponsorship Activation | Where the heart is

Sponsorship activation is the real deal. Without it, sports marketing is just a sticker on a bike, or on a car or a jersey: no fanbase engagement, no exploitation of bottom-line impact, and if you’re unlucky no results. So, how can you make sure you get your money’s worth from the investment you’ve made? How can you ensure ROI? On their own, teams and athletes will not help you get the best out of the money you’ve spent in buying marketing rights – often, they simply don’t have the time or resource. That’s why you need a sports marketing agency to dig the gold out of your sponsorship. With RTR Sports Marketing, your brand and sponsored athletes will hit malls, streets, walls, web pages and social media, and you’ll get to make the very most of the partnership you’ve established.


Objective measurement for a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)

Would you ever ask the car dealer who sold you your vehicle whether their competitors’ deals are better than the one they’re offering you? Of course not, because you already know the answer – and there’s no way you can trust the impartial party. With this in mind, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to clearly understand how much your sports sponsorship programme is really worth if you don’t rely on a third party – an independent sports marketing agency. Since 1999 RTR Sports Marketing has worked side by side with the world’s best evaluation and research consultants, providing the most accurate data on your brand’s exposition on TV, web and other media. We believe in ROI as the only way to measure your success: so you can clearly understand how much you’re making out of every penny.


Sit back and relax. We’ve got you covered.

With a highly qualified staff and more than 15 years of experience in sports marketing and sponsorship, RTR Sports Marketing is your go-to-guy when it comes to using sports as a communication tool. We are consultants, meaning that our number one goal is to maximize your marketing budget – but at the same time we are an agency, handling your sports sponsorship plan from top to bottom, from the field to the charts. This means you don’t need to use internal, inexperienced workforce or risk the trial-and-error, DIY method. It also means you save a whole lot of time – time that you can re-invest in meeting new clients and starting new business in some of the world’s best locations and with the best companies. All of this whilst your brand logo sits in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Yes, cool.

Convinced? We knew you would be!