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Want to have a career writing about sports? Looking for way to get yourself noticed in the world of sports journalism, business or blogging?

At RTR Sports Marketing, we know what it means to succeed in sports – and we have experience in everything from sports agency and sports management internships to high level sports careers.

You can start your career in the field by become a sports writer for us, today. Just send us your sports article, blog, essay or infographic, and we will publish it in our blog under your name.

Once online we’ll spread the news and share the article all over our network, via social media and our newsletter.

It’s the perfect way to put yourself on the map, and something that you can shout about when you apply for sports internships or sports related jobs.

Since its early days, RTR Sports Marketing has been promoting a true sports marketing culture. We hope that our website, blogs and social channels will grow into a sports marketing career hub, where users and professionals can discuss tactics, strategies and ideas about sports sponsorship.

How does it work?

To become a sports writer for RTR Sports Marketing, simply send your article or other material to

Our editorial staff will review it, publish it on our blog, and share it on our network and across our social channels.

The piece will be online within 24-48 hours, and when it is we will be in touch with you in minutes.

You can then use your piece in your portfolio when you apply for internships in sports marketing.

What are the benefits of writing for RTR Sports Marketing?

  • Get visibility in one of Europe’s largest sports marketing networks
  • Get noticed by the thousands of sports professionals that read our site
  • Start building your sports marketing career

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