British Grand Prix MotoGP VIP Village and MotoGP Hospitality

August 2-4, 2024
Silverstone, Great Britain

MotoGP VIP Village Prices

Saturday + Sunday: € 2,004
Sunday: € 1,728

MotoGP Pass
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MotoGP VIP Village amenities at Silverstone

EXCLUSIVE LOCATIONS: Excellent views of the circuit, Indoor VIP parking, Full TV coverage, Open Bar in the viewing area, Reserved Grandstand

ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM: Paddock Tour, Pit Lane Walk, Service Road Tour, Sweepstakes

GOURMET EXPERIENCE: Breakfast, Tapas Bar, Gourmet Lunch, Afternoon Petit Fours, Open Bar

How to book MotoGP VIP Village and MotoGP Hospitality for the British Grand Prix

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Fill out the form to the right to reserve your MotoGP VIP Village Pass. One of our accounts will contact you within a few minutes, sending you all the necessary information and forms to proceed with your order. Please note that by filling out this form you are not directly purchasing any pass but simply requesting one.

MotoGP VIP Tickets for the Silverstone Grand Prix

The iconic Silverstone circuit: the realm of British motorsport

Located in the picturesque English countryside, the Silverstone circuit is the crown jewel of British motorsport. With a history dating back to the 1950s, Silverstone has become synonymous with world-class racing and unprecedented excitement. This legendary circuit hosts the MotoGP British Grand Prix and attracts thousands of fans from all over the world. Imagine being there in person, surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere and timeless charm that only Silverstone can offer.

The excitement of a grand prize in the first person

Nothing can come close to the thrill of being present in person at a MotoGP grand prix at Silverstone. As the motorcycles whiz by the track at insane speeds, the atmosphere is imbued with pure excitement. Fans fill the stands, cheering and cheering for their favorite drivers. Every overtake, every corner bravely tackled, and every drop of sweat from the drivers become epic moments that make the heart pound and the adrenaline speed up. The live racing experience is a true immersion in the world of motorsport, a symphony of roaring engines and unbridled passion.

MotoGP VIP Village: elegance and luxury at the highest level

If you want to experience the Silverstone Grand Prix with the utmost comfort and exclusivity, the MotoGP VIP Village is the perfect solution for you. Situated in a prime location within the circuit, these spaces allow you to enjoy the races from a unique perspective. You will be welcomed into a refined environment with first-class services, gourmet food, fine drinks and exclusive entertainment. The MotoGP VIP Village also offers the opportunity to meet riders and personalities from the racing world, creating an unforgettable experience that will make you feel like a true VIP.

A MotoGP hospitality experience at Silverstone will take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of racing, offering you the opportunity to experience the adrenaline, elegance and excitement of the MotoGP British Grand Prix up close. Prepare to be captured by Silverstone’s unique atmosphere and create memories that will last forever.

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Hospitality and MotoGP VIP Village at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

First-class location and catering, excellent service and the best in two-wheel hospitality-this is the MotoGP VIP Village. Of course, with the experience and professionalism of the RTR account managers on site.

Everything in the VIP Village is specially designed to give you an extraordinary experience at every Grand Prix. An exclusive entertainment program and top gourmet menus are just the basics for a weekend of style, comfort and fun in a unique setting. All VIP Village guests have at their disposal a range of services included in the package.

You can also choose to enjoy the excellence of the VIP Village for race Sunday only (Gold package) or also include the excitement of Saturday for a weekend of adrenaline and racing (Gold+ Silver package). Whichever you choose, all the services listed below are available to you on both days.

Welcome to the magical world of MotoGP

World Class Hospitality: The MotoGP VIP Village is the official Corporate Hospitality program of the Championship, capable of offering first-class services at every Grand Prix of the Season. Hospitality packages, designed to provide an excellent experience, take place in exclusive locations with unique entertainment programs.

Effective Business Venue: Companies and brands can use these experiences to improve relationships with their customers and partners. Whether you are looking for a large corporate event or a more exclusive private meeting, the MotoGP VIP Village is at your service to achieve the business and B2B objectives of your business.

The Place to Be: There is no more exciting, gripping and thrilling setting than a race in the MotoGP World Championship, a sport capable of generating passion and spectacle anywhere in the world. The MotoGP VIP Village offers an exclusive entertainment program capable of providing truly unforgettable moments and experiences. Enjoy wonderful food from our kitchens, watch the action on the track from prime locations, feel the excitement of the Paddock and the vibrations of the Pit Lane before the engines start.