Company:  Class Editori SpA
Partner:  Mondiale Superbike e mondiale MotoGP 2003/2004
Year:  2003, 2004

Class Editori is one of the main Italian publishing groups, with publications such as Italia Oggi, Milano Finanza, Class, Gentleman, Campus, Case & Courtry, Luna and with a huge number of news websites

2003 represents Class official entry into the sport and, in particular, into the world of motorsports through two deals: the partnership with the Pramac Honda Bridgestone MotoGP Team with rider Makoto Tamada and partnership of Octagon Motorsports Italia, one of the largest player in motorsport and organizer of the Superbike World Championship. Two events through which transmitting emotions around five continents, involving millions of spectators in the circuits  and billions of viewers connected with the various national broadcasters

The objective of Class group was to gain brad awareness among its target audience, made up of people belonging to a high-spirited profile and therefore perfectly in line with MotoGP and Superbike enthusiasts.

RTR has supported the client in signing an agreement that sees the presence of the Class group within the main events organized by Octagon: the three Italian races of the 2003 and 2004 Superbike World Championship, scheduled between May and September in Monza, Misano and Imola and the presence of the logo on the windshield of Makoto Tamada’s motorcycle.

Television presence will be guaranteed in both cases: for the MotoGP through the choice of a Top Team such as the Camel Honda Team in the 2004 season and for the Superbike by the presence of the Class Editori logo on the billboards in a position of great visibility, on the official poster of every Italian Superbike race, on the cover of the official program of the events and on the headed paper of both Octagon and Team Camel Honda.

Copies of magazines will be available during the race weekends in the Camel Honda hospitality; the same magazines will be distributed in the paddock by the girls of the Octagon promoteam during the Italian Superbike races. At the end of each SBK race, a special “Class” trophy will also be awarded to the winner by a representative of Class Editori.




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