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Cofra Srl – Divisione Safety Shoes

Williams F1

1997, 1998, 1999

About Project

Cofra Safety Shoes is a branch of the Cofra group specialized in the production of safety shoes. As a matter of fact, the work-related clothing sector is living a moment of fast development, thanks to the introduction of new European laws which make compulsory high level of standards and safety on the working places (Law CEE 626).

Young workers up until now have avoided wearing safety shoes because of what they thought was un-cool and old-fashioned look.
Aim of the company was to improve their products and to make them appealing for young and sporty customers.

RTR has created and organized a collaboration between Cofra and the Williams F1 team: double-branded shoes were designed and produced, allowing Cofra to enjoy Williams’ name, image and popularity.

The product has been enriched with all the values carried by the most popular racing sport and has linked Cofra with the Williams team, world champion in 1997.
Overall, a strong commercial message has been launched to young workers with a liking for the racing world, a market of 1.500.000 potential customers.

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