Sponsorship: Healthy Start x Clinica Mobile 2019


Sponsorship: Healthy Start x Clinica Mobile

New Zealand-based company Healthy Start and the Clinica Mobile have signed a yearly sponsorship deal for the 2019 MotoGP and WSBK Seasons. Teaming up with one of the world’s most prestigious sport medicine groups is a superb step ahead for the Paraparaumu Beach supplement manufacturer and for their premier brand, Lazu.

Hailing from North Island, New Zealand, Healthy Start and Lazu are passionate about producing unique, natural, safe and nutritious health supplements. A tireless effort to create products that are packed with healthy benefits, and the expert use of natural, powerful ingredients such as premium Manuka honey and Colostrum are the foundations of this young and quickly-growing company, whose products are already being distributed in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and Russia.

Such a health-oriented operation, now ready to enter the european markets, could not but partner with the Clinica Mobile. Lead by Dr. Michele Zasa, and originally created in the mid 70’s as a moving emergency vehicle for the exploits of the World Motorcycling Championship, the Clinica Mobile stands today at the pinnacle of sports medicine both on and off the track. The services of the Clinica -whose hyper-modern, state-of-the-art truck can be found in the paddock of all MotoGP and World Superbikes races- range from first aid to physiotherapy, and from general medicine to rehabilitation.

The Clinica will now also serve as an excellent endorsement for the Lazu products, while Healthy Start itself will benefit of the excellent exposure and visibility of the pinnacle of Motorcycling Races.

It is an excellent opportunities not only for Healthy Start to enter the Euro markets in grand fashion, but also for the Lazu products to be supported and promoted by a highly-acknowledged medical structure.

Speaking of the Lazu Products, Dr. Zasa said: “The Lazu Formula is a supplement designed both for common people and for sport professionals, providing a source of several minerals and vitamins. Most interestingly, the product provides a source of colostrum and Manuka honey. Colostrum it’s a safe, biological compound rich in antimicrobial peptides, immune-regulating compounds and growth factors. It is known to strengthen the natural defense system, to modulate the immune response, to balance the intestinal microbiota and to enhance the growth and repair of several tissues. Supplementations with colostrum have been proven as beneficial in gastrointestinal disorders. Studies on athletes have shown that a bovine colostrum supplementation can reduce exercise induced muscle damage; also, it can reduce intestinal permeability during peak training, therefore helping to maintain intestinal homeostasis.  Manuka honey has long been known for its therapeutic properties. It is a bacterial growth inhibitor, a tissue generator thanks to its immunomodulatory properties, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Given all these properties, in Clinica Mobile we recommend a diet supplementation with Lazu Formula. In fact, associated to a correct and balance diet, the Lazu Formula is a healthy product which helps to maintain good health” 

If you want to know more about Healthy Start and Lazu products, you can visit their website at lazu.co.nz

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