Sponsorship: Healthy Start x Clinica Mobile 2020

Healthy Start, the New Zealand company producing the Lazu branded food supplements, have renewed their sponsorship deal with the Clinica Mobile for the MotoGP and World Superbike championships for 2020.

Born in Paraparaumu, on the coasts of the New Zealand’s North Island, Lazu products contain all the extraordinary properties of both Manuka Honey and Colostrum. The antibacterial effects of Manuka Honey, combined with the beneficial properties of bovine colostrum, make Lazu supplements a panacea for the daily routine, with effects on metabolism, digestion and overall physical well-being.

It is therefore no surprise that Healthy Start has chosen Doctor Zasa’s Clinica Mobile to promote its brand: since 1977 the itinerant medical center has supported the top two-wheeled championships, taking care of the health and safety of the riders of the various classes.

Thanks to the sponsorship, Healthy Start will benefit from the use of the name, logo and fame of the Clinica Mobile for marketing and communication operations, as well as the possibility of Hospitality packages throughout the year.

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