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Coca Cola Italia Srl – Brand Powerade

Ducati Corse

2003, 2004

About Project

Men from the team Ducati put all their efforts and continuous work into facing the always-new challenges, bringing them everyday a step closer to the realization of their goals. That’s why energy, concentration and positive thinking are so fundamental to them.

Powerade, the coolest Coca-Cola branded energy drink, will therefore be the fuel able to fill-up all their energy-needs: its unique formulation “Liquid8System” provides energy, delays the sense of tiredness and boosts up the physical capacities. It always guarantees the best performance, every time.

During the world championships, MotoGP and Superbike, Powerade will always be active on the tracks together with the team Ducati; all the official pilots and members of the team will be drinking from Powerade branded bottles and there will be unique Powerade fridges in the Ducati Hospitality-Space, guaranteeing for the brand the widest visibility on television programs and newspapers.

The team has offered a replica-motorbike to be utilized to recreate everywhere the exciting atmosphere of the tracks and thus helping publicizing the product even outside the main events. Pilots will also be present at these main campaigns promoting Powerade.

What’s more, the Ducati Museum and Borgo Panicale’s plant will be open for PowerAde events and its audience giving them the unique opportunity to experience the history and traditions that made Ducati famous all around the world.

RTR is once again promoter of a winning partnership, full of strong emotions and great achievements, on and outside the tracks.

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