MotoGP Premier: everything you need to know

MotoGP Premier is the newest luxury experience on offer to MotoGP fans- set up by Dorna Sports, in collaboration with QuintEvents, it gives lovers of our sport the chance to enjoy a race weekend like never before. The packages on offer will complement the already amazing MotoGP VIP Village experience. Whether you are looking for a gift to give to a MotoGP-crazy loved one, or if you are simply looking to get the most out of your race weekend experience, MotoGP Premier might just be that perfect luxury package you are looking for! At RTR we are proud to say that having been an authorised reseller of the MotoGP VIP Village for over a decade, we are now also authorised resellers of these exciting new MotoGP Premier packages.

This experience will give fans a previously unprecedented level of access to race weekends through various activities designed to help get you closer to your favourite teams and drivers. There are 3 different packages to choose from, offering a range of different prices- Trophy, Chicane and Apex. The packages involve activities you can enjoy throughout the race weekend. These include Garage Tours, Paddock Tours, Pit Lane Walks, Rider Meet and Greets, and Team Hospitality Motorhome Access just to name a few. Outside of the race itself, MotoGP Premier also offers accommodation in selected hotels and transport to and from the track. This way you can kick back and enjoy your weekend without having to navigate new, unknown cities. Whilst all these packages offer a great experience, the Apex package of course includes special perks…

MotoGP Premier. What’s included in the different packages?

Trophy MotoGP Premier Package

Trophy is the most affordable of the packages, but it still presents an amazing option for MotoGP fans. You can get a close up look at the pit lane and team garages in a pit lane walk. On top of that, this package gives fans an opportunity to pose for a photo with the actual MotoGP World Championship trophy. It goes without saying that on race day, you will have some of best seats in the house, with excellent views of the finish line and starting grid.

Chicane MotoGP Premier Package

Chicane is the next available package in MotoGP Premier. Where the Trophy package offers an exciting pit lane walk, Chicane goes one step further as it gives access to an exclusive guided paddock tour. As you are given a tour of the paddock by a knowledgeable guide, you will also be given access to a garage tour of one of the MotoGP teams (the selected team varies depending on the race). Following this tour, you can kick back and enjoy a Q&A session with one of the riders, allowing you to gain an unrivalled insight into the sport we all know and love. This tour culminates in an exclusive reception at the selected team’s Hospitality Motorhome, making your experience that little bit more luxurious. This package of course also includes some of the most popular seats, with an amazing view of the track in seat-back style seating.

Apex MotoGP Premier Package

Apex, as its name suggests, is the premium way to enjoy a race weekend, as the package includes activities that you will remember for a lifetime. It includes the perks of the other MotoGP premier packages such as a pit lane walk and an opportunity to pose with the MotoGP world champions trophy. There is also a paddock tour, however it is no normal tour. Apex being the most premium package, includes a special VIP paddock tour, giving you access to the ‘backstage’ area of MotoGP. This will allow you to really soak up the atmosphere as the riders prepare to race. A garage tour of a selected team is also included, where you can learn more about the bikes as you watch the mechanics work, followed by a Q&A with both a rider and team executive. On top of all of this, throughout the weekend you will have access to the Premier Lounge. The Premier Lounge is a private suite located in the MotoGP VIP Village, and everything about it screams luxury from the lavish furniture to the top of the range DJ booth. In the suite you can enjoy all-day VIP hospitality, including an open bar serving wine, beer, and spirits, as well as gourmet food. It goes without saying that the lounge offers the best views of the track, and visits from team executives and riders to answer any of your questions make it a truly memorable experience. The overall luxurious atmosphere in the lounge makes it indisputably the best place to enjoy the race weekend

With every package, you will earn RoomCash. Calculated as 10% of your purchase, these points can be used to get discounts on any future MotoGP Premier purchases, and they can even be used to get cheaper rates on selected hotels.

How can RTR help?

We understand that everyone has their own needs, may be looking for different things, and have different questions about these special race weekend packages. As one of the few official authorised resellers of MotoGP Premier, we are on hand to give you assistance as you decide which package is best for you. We offer one-to-one support, so that none of your questions/queries are left unanswered. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we offer the best consultancy you can find in your search for tickets.

Due to the novelty of these packages, the only way to make your purchase is by getting in touch with one of our sales reps. Sales aren’t made online, and this is to ensure you are able to make an informed decision so that you can get the most out of this unique experience. Contact us today to find out more.

What happens to MotoGP VIP Village now?

Whilst MotoGP Premier is the newest package on offer, the MotoGP VIP Village is still available to purchase from us. At RTR we are an official authorised reseller of this special hospitality package and have been for over a decade, so if you are interested in purchasing tickets for the MotoGP VIP Village, then look no further. From a price perspective it sits between the Chicane and Apex packages, and it includes activities like a paddock tour, pit lane walk etc. Most notably it gives you access to hospitality in the VIP Village. If this interests you then please get in contact as, just like with MotoGP Premier, we offer consultation to help you find what package is best for you.