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Gillette Fusion

Gillette Fusion at the Motor Show


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Fusion, Gillette’s new shaving platform, commissioned RTR Sports Marketing for a promotion at the 2008 Motor Show.
Italy’s most-visited trade show, held in Bologna, Italy, from December 5 to 14, 2008, hosted Gillette Fusion’s booth within its pavilions, a 128-square-meter animated and highly appealing space within which the brand met its target audience.
A staff composed of Gillette Fusion image girls distributed free Box Champions containing the new razor and shaving foam and collected personal contact information. In addition, she showed the product’s pluses and invited the public to shave on the spot, using the 10 wash stations set up inside the booth, equipped with running water and all amenities.
Finally, 8 video game consoles were placed in a dedicated area, generating visits within the Fusion area and entertaining the target audience with exciting soccer challenges.
Thanks to its long-standing collaboration with the Motor Show and its accumulated experience in the creation of promotional events, RTR created an initiative with a strong appeal that was able to entertain and attract the target audience, achieving its goals.

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