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Euro Srl

Motor Show

December 2002

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Euro is one of the Italian leaders in mobile telephones technology. Recently, it launched its brand new range of sport watches, “The Sport Watch”, an innovative and exciting product: amongst its many functions are the anemometer, altimeter and heart-beat counter.

The 2002 Motor Show in the Italian city of Bologna has been chosen as the perfect location to host the promotion of “The Sport Watch”; RTR has planned and organized for Euro Srl to be the official sponsor to the funkiest and liveliest area of the whole event, called “Euro The Sport Watch Arena”.

The many competitions (cars and bikes, on rally and tarmac tracks) organized in this arena were the most exciting and spectacular of the whole Motor Show: ranging from Ferraris to go-karts, from Minardis to Alfas, from Supermotard to freestyle competitions, the audience couldn’t resist but being there.

It was the pivotal importance and influence that the Bologna event has over the Italian market that brought RTR to choose the Motor Show as the perfect starting point for “The Sport Watch” promotional campaign; as a matter of fact, every year the Motor Show attracts millions of people, this year presences rising up to 1.125.000, a 3% increase compared to the previous edition.

It was then, the ideal occasion for the public to know about these new sport watches; watches that were created to fit wishes and needs, the kind of customers the Motor Show attracts might have.

In just one day, Saturday 7th of December, as many as 55.000 visitors crowded the “Euro The Sport Watch Arena” area to assist at the Ferrari F2002’s pit stop.

RTR has given Euro Srl the amazing opportunity of launching its latest product with originality and creativity: offering strong emotions for the audience whilst at the same time promoting and advertising the brand.

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