Company: Infostrada SpA
Subject: Ducati Racing
Period: 2001

Infostrada is the company that has operated as Italy’s fixed-line telephone operator since 1998.
Today Infostrada-with its 7 million subscribers-positions itself as a leader among alternative operators, offering a wide range of services for both residential and business customers.

The massive communication carried out by this company has always included sports, within which the sponsorship of Ducati Corse in the World Superbike Championship was the flagship operation.

The program developed with RTR’s input allowed the company to benefit from all those services typically included in a sponsorship package, first and foremost the right to use the team’s image in every communication action and of which Infostrada has made extensive use (phone cards, advertising pages in major newspapers, trade show events, etc.).

From a more strictly technical perspective, the partnership has secured Ducati a rich package of services and consulting in the area of Information Technology:

– Restructuring and computerization of the business network through the implementation of the corporate intranet;
– Technical support in the development of the Ducati website and Ducati Corse;
– Implementation of chat forum and live web cam services, which connect drivers and fans from race venues.

Infostrada poster

Manifesto Infostrada

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