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Merc 2007

Loris Capirossi

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MERC, a historic English clothing brand founded in 1967, is representative of a young and unconventional style that finds inspiration in London fashion of the 1960s and 1970s, mixing rigor and extravagance in a refined street-style in which clean lines and attention to detail coexist.

Loris Capirossi, official rider of the Ducati MotoGp Team since 2003, has a true passion for the fashion and culture of swinging London, which he finds in MERC.

Advised by RTR, Loris Capirossi has chosen to be MERC’s new testimonial for all of 2007, with an option to renew for 2008.

Loris stars in the new advertising campaign and wears MERC garments outside the race tracks and in his free time. MERC also can exclusively use Loris Capirossi’s personal image for its communication operations and for the creation of point-of-sale materials.

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