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Compass, a finance company of the Mediobanca banking group specialising in consumer credit, entrusted RTR with the staging of a travelling promotional tour, which stopped off at 10 of the main shopping centres in Italy for a total of 30 days. The Tour set out to promote and inform consumers about the services, products and advantages offered by Compass.

In order to offer a complete, efficient service, the stand was split into 2 parts: an exposed public area in clear view, where potential users were invited to find out about the world of Compass, and a private area, where visitors interested in taking out a loan or credit card were able to get personalised advice from a Compass representative.

The promotion took advantage of the already-existing partnership with the Italian national football team, a theme that enabled us to break the ice and engage with shopping centre visitors using a fun-filled, informal approach.

A host of surprises was dedicated to all of the stand’s visitors, who won instant promotional gifts. In addition, anyone filling in a simple coupon with their details had the chance to take part in the final draw for fantastic prizes connected with the national football team.

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