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In 2016, $60.1 billion was spent Globally by brand marketers on sponsorship deals. An increase of 4.6% from 2015 (IEG, 2017).

This growing popularity of sponsorship deals is mainly due to 4 key factors:

  • it affects brand awareness (Levin, Joiner & Cameron, 2001);
  • it positively affects brand image (Gwinner & Eaton, 1999);
  • it strongly impacts on brand loyalty (Levin, Beasley, & Gamble, 2004);
  • it heavily impacts on sales and a firm’s financial performances (Mazodier & Rezaee, 2013).

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However, to be frank, there’s nothing particularly special about this news. These are precisely the results marketeers should expect when launching a marketing campaign – be it a billboard or a TV/Print commercial.

sponsorship deals

Sponsorship deals

So, why are companies increasingly falling in love with the number one tool?

Consumer beliefs about advertising and resistance towards persuasion attempts have been around for some time.  Today, viewers and readers are more aware, more informed and more importantly,  better equipped when they need more information on products or services. And yet, if we look around, advertisements still plays a major role in almost any brand’s communication strategy.

In this scenario, Sponsorship is proven to be capable of what is known as “skeptical-consumer-mellowing”: a process by which companies and brands can work their way through the clutter and through the consumer’s defensive tactics and mechanisms.

Sponsorship deals in Sport are increasing

So, if Sponsorship deals are so effective, why are the biggest companies in the world still running conventional print and TV advertisment?

The answer is simple. Modern research clearly shows that sport sponsorship alone is not sufficient in order to achieve the aforementioned benefits of awareness, positioning, loyalty and sales. The correct balance between multiple and differentiated strategies and tools are key to reach the company’s goals.

SLA ( Sponsorship linked advertisement) a new Sports Marketing Plan

New and very interesting sports marketing plans known a as SLA (Sponsorship-linked-advertisement) show how the correct mix of sponsorship and sponsorship-related online and offline campaigns are generating double-figure results, thanks to their ability to leverage sponsorship relationships and to communicate creatively with consumers (Kim, Lee, Magnusen, & Kim, 2015).

At RTR, we have provided the world’s top companies with effective sports marketing solutions for almost 25 years. This means we really really know our stuff.

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