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2014 FIM Environmental Award winners Yamaha Motor Racing return to Mugello again this season, taking on their role as environmental ambassadors for the greener side of racing. In partnership with the FIM, Circuito de Mugello, Dorna and IRTA, Yamaha Motor Racing will, for the fourth year, help to promote social and economic sustainability whilst educating fans on a greener, more environmentally responsible attitude to race attendance.

kiss mugello 2016 yamahaKISS Mugello (KISS – Keep It Shiny and Sustainable) has proved an incredible success over the last four years, with Movistar Yamaha MotoGP riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo playing a key role spreading the environmental message to thousands of racing fans. The Mugello Circuit is the perfect location for the activity, having been the first in the world to receive recognition of ’Achievement of Excellence‘ in April last year, the highest level of accreditation in environmental sustainability offered by the FIA.

As with 2015, this year there will be the distribution of 20,000 waste management kits to race fans over the Grand Prix weekend, containing biodegradable waste bags and good waste management leaflets. New for the initiative in 2016 will be the distribution of the instruction leaflets outside the circuit in local consumer areas as well used battery recycling bins within the paddock. Yamaha Motor Racing has also supplied a number of waste bins to the paddock, increasing the total considerably.

This year VR|46 will continue to be involved in the initiative, providing t-shirts and hats to members of the social enterprise L‘Orologio, who will be assembling and distributing the 20.000 kits. Yamaha Motor Racing, Mugello Circuit and VR|46 will also organise a fundraising campaign for the not-for-profit organisation, Fondazione dell‘ Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer of Firenze.

Race fans will have the chance at the track to buy one of 500 t-shirts with the slogan ’Yellow + Blue = Green‘from one of the VR|46 shops at the circuit. Finally KISS Mugello info desks at the track will be manned by the Right Hub crew, also wearing special uniforms supplied by VR|46.

A host of other activities plus intensive social media communications will ensure KISS Mugello continues to go from strength to strength and will mark 2016 another clean, green year at Mugello!


Here we come to the fourth edition of KISS Mugello. Together with FIM, Circuito del Mugello, DORNA and IRTA we were the promotors of this program, aimed to raise fans attention to the environmental, the social and the economic sustainability. We are proud of the work we have done together so far, and especially of the fact that other circuits have followed us. I expect another positive reaction from the fans coming to Mugello this year, as well as it happened in the past four years. Respecting the riders, respecting the environment and helping people who need means behaving in a sustainable way. We at Yamaha trust this concept.


Mugello is one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, as well as one of my favourites, and the scenario the circuit is placed in is fantastic. I am happy to cooperate with the KISS Mugello project because I believe we should keep its beautiful hills clean and enjoy the landscape from Friday to Sunday evening. I trust the fans that they will use the proper rubber bins and keep the environment green. KISS is a very good cause because anybody can participate and together we can really make the difference. I know last year‘s edition was extremely successful, so let‘s make it even more success again this year.


I’m glad that the KISS Mugello project is now at its fourth edition. As everyone knows, I love Mugello and whatever helps to make it more beautiful, is welcome. In the past years, and especially last year, KISS Mugello delivered very good results and this is also thanks to all the people who have joined the initiative. I’m sure this year it will be even more success. Again this year, Mugello Circuit and Yamaha have been promoting an initiative to raise funds for Ospedale Meyer in Florence and I‘m very happy for this. I am sure we will form a great group that will allow Mugello to remain the most beautiful circuit in the world!


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Riccardo Tafà
Riccardo Tafà
Managing Director for RTR Sports, Riccardo graduated in law at the University of Bologna. He began his career in London in PR, then started working in two and four-wheelers. A brief move to Monaco followed before returning to Italy. There he founded RTR, first a consulting firm and then a sports marketing company which, eventually, he moved back to London.
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