Co-Marketing: Gillette x GameStop

Let’s be honest: here at RTR Sports we have plenty of gamers. From FIFA passionates to GTA lovers, we’re pretty nerd-ish and love our dose of joysticks and joypads. That’s why we were so excited to kick off this brand new partnership and co-marketing activity with videogame Mecca GameStop and our long-time friends of Gillette.

Gillette, the premium razor by the P&G family, used the GameStop network, both digitally and physically, to deliver thousands of their Gillette Premium Fusion ProGlide to GameStop customers.

After receiving a coupon via email, GameStop gamers and video games aficionados could head straight to their closest GameStop shop and collect their brand new, completely free razor. Also, they could enjoy a 10% off every Game Stop product and item of merchandise. Further buzz was also created online, where promoted Facebook posts brought 600.000+ people to see the promo.

So Gillette could have their target try the razor, and the GameStop shops could enjoy an increased customer attendance to their stores.

Not bad, even for us gamers.

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