Company: Procter & Gamble – Braun
Subject: 2006 Motor Show
Period: December 2006

Braun cruZer³ 3-in-1 is the Braun shaver created especially for young people who want to create their own style easily and in just a few moves. One tool, in fact, allows you to shave, trim and adjust your beard in a variety of ways.

RTR designed and produced for Braun cruZer³ an engaging promotional activity as part of the 2006 Motor Show dedicated to anyone who makes shaving a matter of style.

Originality and fun are the watchwords of the operation: inside the booth, visitors can have their photos taken together with two models, and once at home, they can download the photos for free from a special section on the Braun website. In addition, at special dedicated stations, you can test the versatility of the Braun cruZer³ yourself or by relying on the styling advice of a hair stylist.

Surrounding these initiatives is the activity of selling, distributing gadgets and collecting data to create a customer database.

Thanks to years of collaboration with the Motor Show and accumulated experience in the creation of promotional events, RTR has created a highly appealing initiative capable of entertaining and attracting the target audience, achieving its goals.

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