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Randstad Italia SpA

Live Spring-Performances by Luca Carboni, Gino Paoli and Jovanotti

2002, 2003

About Project

Randstad ranks third in the worldwide market of internship jobs; it only started its activity in 1999, but can already count on more than 80 branches spread all over Italy, in regions such as Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Piedmont and Veneto.

Randstad takes particular pride in prioritizing its customers’ wishes and life styles, giving them the best support in the research of an adequate and satisfactory job.

Proof of this is the partnership that has brought Randstad and the music world together in organizing live performances of three amazing Italian artists: • Luca Carboni- Palasport San Lazzaro in Padua
• Gino Paoli- Palasport San Lazzaro in Padua
• Jovanotti- Palaverde in Treviso

Thanks to RTR’s program, Randstad could strengthen the popularity of its brand and conduct some “ recruitment activity”.

These were some of the activities included in the partnership agreements:
• during the performances, distribution of informative material on the company’s activities
• placement of brochures and leaflets in such key locations as the stadiums used for the performances
• give visibility to the logo on banners located aside of the stage
• realization of a stand where customers could go and register leaving their Cvs, have direct contact with Randstad personnel and also receive useful information and personalized gadgets
• presence of the company’s logo on posters, flyers and publications publicizing the events in the whole area of Triveneto
• free tickets to Randstad customers and collaborators

Randstad’s connection with music has given it a stronger and deeper relationship with its customers, whilst at the same time offering a great opportunity to have fun while relaxing. RTR has shown how it can apply its vast knowledge with successful results even for what concerns music.

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