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Nestlè Italiana SpA- Brand Crunch Cereali

Basket3 Tournament

April – June 2003

About Project

Nestle’ has enriched its range of cereals; it launched Crunch, the new chocolate cereal with added vitamins, the ideal breakfast for teenagers who need energy, vitality and strength to sustain them through the day.

The Basket3 tournament is the first Italian 3 against 3-basket championship, and it runs this year its fifth edition with always-increased success. Its main protagonists are middle and high school students from all over Italy, and its main goal is to involve the greatest number possible of basketball lovers.

RTR felt that Basket3 would have been the perfect opportunity to make the brand known to its ideal customers, sporty teenagers, and at the same time to conduct a sampling campaign for Crunch.

The sampling campaign will be conducted in 20 of the overall 33 Italian provinces where the manifestation will take place, in addition to the 8 events that will see the winning teams compete for a place in the final competitions. What’s more the final event, which will happen in Rimini on the 7th and 8th of June, will be part of the Fitness Festival, where the champions will also be crowned.

A Crunch stand will be organized in all these occasions, and, for all the young lovers of basketball that will gather there, there will be free Crunch samples given out by a Crunch hostess. The company aims at involving even more all those young promises in its campaign, and it is for this reason that the Crunch Fast Basket has been created. It will be a moment of fun for all its players and it will award the winners with free Crunch snacks. Also, the winning teams of each of the four different categories will be presented with an annual free supply of Crunch cereals for their schools.

The collaboration RTR could enjoy with Nestle’ Italia, has offered RTR of the chance to demonstrate once more the great power that sport has as an advertising media and also of the change to prove its ability in making use of this power in an original and creative way.

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