Licensing: MotoGP Official Charger by Branded Distribution

“The official MotoGP portable charger will hit the stores in the upcoming days. It is the first offspring of a freshly signed collaboration between Dorna Sports and Branded Distribution and made possibile by London sports marketing firm RTR Sports.

Dorna Sports, the rights holder of the MotoGP and Superbike Championships, have found in Carlisle -based Branded Distribution the perfect partner to design, develop and market some of their official MotoGP branded merchandise.

The portable charger -which can be used for mobile phones, cameras and other battery powered devices- is the first among a much larger collection of items and surely is a game changer in the industry: light-weighted, super powerful and carefully manufactured with three different MotoGP-themed designs.

Steve Clarke, associate and co-founder at Branded Distribution said: “Without doubt RTR Sports has been an invaluable facilitator introducing us to this new sector. We feel with our product development and distribution expertise, along with RTR’s extensive experience; has created the perfect partnership to maximize our portfolio and further develop licensing within the sport.”

This project enriches RTR Sports’ portfolio of licensing deals, which the agency have successfully fulfilled during their years of activity putting together great brands and the best sport properties.”

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